Apple iPad: these are the best offers of October 2023

The iPad is a hugely popular tablet among both Apple and Android enthusiasts. But which one suits your needs best? iPhoned has listed the five most popular iPads for you with the best offers. Read on to discover which iPad suits you best!

The iPad in short

Apple’s iPad line consists of four different models: the iPad Pro, iPad Air, iPad mini and the ‘regular’ iPad. The Apple iPad is recognizable by its slim design and powerful processor. The possibilities are therefore endless for this tablet.

For example, you can edit videos, play games or of course stream your favorite films and series. In addition, various accessories are available, such as a Magic Keyboard or Magic Mouse, so you can also use the iPad as a laptop. Curious about which model suits you best? Then read on!

1. iPad (2021) offers: from 336.48 euros

Are you looking for an entry-level iPad and don’t want to pay the top price? Then the standard iPad is the best choice for you! This entry-level model is equipped with an A13 Bionic chip that we also know from the iPhone 11. This chip ensures that the model is 20 percent faster than its predecessor from 2019.

The iPad (2021) distinguishes itself from other iPads by the home button with Touch ID, which we also see on the iPhone SE models. Furthermore, the tablet has a 10.2-inch screen with a resolution of 2160×1620 pixels and a 12-MP wide-angle camera.

Good to know: This iPad only supports the 1st generation Apple Pencil. You can choose from two different colors: space gray and silver. Furthermore, the iPad comes with a storage capacity of 64GB or 256GB.

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2. iPad Air (2022) offers: from 699 euros

The iPad Air 2022 is the ideal iPad for many. This tablet offers more options than the ‘regular’ model, but does not have the more expensive price tag of the Pro models. In 2022, Apple released the latest variant of this iPad Air. With the update, the tablet got the same appearance as the iPad Pro, namely: without a home button and with narrower edges around the screen.

The iPad was also equipped with an M1 chip and USB-C connection. Instead of Face ID, Apple now uses Touch ID on this iPad, which is integrated into the on/off button. The tablet is available in five cheerful colors and you can choose from a storage capacity of 64GB or 256GB. Do you want to use your iPad a lot for editing photos and running graphics programs? Then the iPad Pro might be more suitable for you!

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3. iPad (2022) offers: from 544 euros


Would you prefer a newer model than the 2021 iPad? Then it is best to take a look at the iPad 2022. This tablet has a number of innovations compared to the 2021 model. In addition to a larger 10.5-inch display, this model is also equipped with an A14 Bionic chip (which we know from the iPhone 14), USB-C connection and there is support for 5G.

Do you already have an Apple Pencil 1st generation? Then you have to buy a separate attachment to charge it with your new iPad. Unfortunately, there is still no support for the Apple Pencil 2nd generation. This new iPad is available in 4 different colors, including a sunny yellow color. You can choose from a storage capacity of 64GB or 256GB. You take this off 544 euros at home.

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4. iPad Pro (2022) offers: from 990 euros

The most powerful iPad at the moment is the iPad Pro from 2022. This powerhouse is equipped with an M2 chip that we also find in the MacBook Air 2022. According to Apple, this M2 chip is no less than 15 to 60 percent faster than with previous versions of the iPad Pro.

You will especially notice this when you start working with more demanding editing programs such as Final Cut Pro. With this model you can choose from two different sizes: 12.9-inch and 11-inch.

Another new feature added to this iPad is ‘Apple pencil hover’. With this function, your iPad Pro detects the Apple Pencil 2 when it is less than 12mm above the screen. You will then see a preview on the screen before you actually touch the screen with the pencil. This function is especially useful if you often use drawing programs such as Procreate or Adobe Fresco.

The iPad Pro 2022 is available in space gray and silver. You can choose from five different storage capacities: 128GB, 256GB, 512GB, 1TB and 2TB. You currently get the iPad from home 990 euros.

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5. iPad Mini (2021) offers: from 597.99 euros

With the iPad mini you currently have Apple’s smallest iPad in your hands. This tablet is equipped with an 8.3-inch LCD screen and 2266 by 1488 pixels. Furthermore, the model is equipped with an A15 Bionic chip, making this iPad also suitable for heavier graphic tasks or playing games.

On the back of the tablet we find two 12 MP sensors. This also allows you to take photos at a wider angle. Thanks to its compact size, the iPad mini is the perfect tablet to take with you so that you can enjoy your favorite films and series on the go. The iPad is available in 4 different colors: purple, pink, starlight (silver) and space gray. You can choose from two different storage capacities: 64GB and 256GB.

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