Apple is adding more advertising to App Store: this is what it looks like

Apple has added more ads to the App Store. From now on you will also find a sponsored message in the search field of the app store.

More advertising in Apple App Store

The new ad is not a big surprise. In February, it was announced that Apple was experimenting with adding more advertisements. App makers can get higher in the App Store for a fee so that people might try their application.

You come across the ad in the search field of the App Store. It is at the top of the ‘Recommended’ list, which lists the apps that might be of interest to you. The advertisement is marked with the word “Advertisement” so that you can recognize it.

You have come across advertisements in the App Store since 2016. At the time, Apple wanted to get multiple revenue streams from the app store and not depend on commission. The company receives between 15 and 30 percent commission when customers purchase or purchase via an app from the App Store.

Interesting timing

The commercial is rolled out at an interesting time. Apple rolled out new iPhone software (iOS 14.5) a week ago, which blocks app tracking. Apps must therefore request permission to be able to track your behavior. Some free iPhone apps depend on this and use app tracking to show personalized ads.

The lawsuit between Epic Games and Apple is also currently taking place. Epic Games is the creator of the popular game Fortnite, which was pulled from the App Store last year for offering a payment system outside of Apple’s app store.

Epic Games accuses Apple of monopolistic behavior. The case revolves around handing over some of the income from in-game purchases. Apple asks a 30 percent commission from Epic, but the Fortnite developer disagrees.

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