Apple is already working on cheaper Vision Pro – here’s when it will appear

Apple’s first VR glasses are, as expected, extremely expensive, making them unaffordable for many people. But there is good news, because Apple is already working on a cheaper version of the Vision Pro.

Vision Pro: advanced and extremely expensive

Apple has unveiled the company’s first VR glasses with the Vision Pro. With two 4K micro-LED screens, an M2 and R1 chip and twelve cameras, the spatial computer is an extremely advanced headset. This is also reflected in the price tag: the starting price is $ 3499.

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That price seems high, but the headset actually replaces your Mac, iPhone and Apple TV. If you add those prices together, the amount of the Apple Vision Pro is put into perspective a little more. Nevertheless, Apple is already working on a cheaper version of the Vision Pro. What parts will Apple save on to keep the price down? And when can we expect the cheaper Vision Pro?

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Apple Vision One will get fewer features

The most expensive parts of the Vision Pro are the processors, the screens and the cameras. It is therefore likely that Apple will have to cut back on at least one of these parts in order to lower the price of the glasses. For example, the company can choose to use lower quality screens or go for a slightly less advanced chip. This already ensures a considerably cheaper price of the Visio Pro.

In addition, it is quite possible that Apple will remove spatial audio from the VR glasses. Instead, you need AirPods Pro for an experience with spatial audio. The headband of the headset will probably have a simpler design and the material will be made of less high quality. If Apple cuts back on all these aspects, it should be possible to make the Vision Pro (much) cheaper.

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Apple Vision or Vision One will appear in 2025

According to the usually reliable Apple analyst Mark Gurman, we can expect the cheaper Vision Pro in late 2025. The glasses will probably be called Apple Vision or Vision One. It remains to be seen whether the glasses will actually appear in 2025, because the release of the Vision Pro has also been postponed very often.

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We therefore have to wait a while for the official release of the Vision Pro. The headset will not appear until 2024. Apple mentions early next year as a release date, so we probably expect the Apple Reality around this date. The glasses will then first be released in the United States. It is not yet known if and when the Vision Pro will come to the Netherlands afterwards.

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