Apple is working on HomePod with display: prototype leaked

The HomePod finally gets a screen – this is evident from a leaked prototype. But what can you do with it, and didn’t the HomePod already have a display? That’s how it is.

HomePod with display

The HomePod, Apple’s handy smart speaker, has had to make do without a display since its introduction in 2017. Although you do have a kind of touchscreen at the top, the lighting effects are shown by means of rather large LEDs that hide under the glass. And the + and – for the volume are simply incorporated into the glass.

Now a full-fledged screen on a speaker does not sound like something essential, but it could secretly be a nice addition. Apparently Apple thinks so too, because there is now on X a prototype of a new HomePod leaked that has a round screen at the top. And according to the popular tech site 9to5Mac, the images are real.

What can you do with it?

Nice, a HomePod with a screen, but what can you actually do with it? That is still a bit of a guess at this point, as no further software has been leaked. The screen will probably at least show your music controls – so play/pause, previous/next and volume. But more applications are conceivable.

Is this concept of homeOS finally becoming a reality?

For example, consider integration with Home, where you can control your smart devices from the screen. Or the option to see who is calling, complete with picture. Or maybe the weather forecast, when you ask Siri. And what about timers, stopwatches and alarm clocks?

Will take a while

The HomePod with display is clearly not yet in an advanced stage, given the state of the prototype. And since the HomePod was renewed this year, we don’t expect the version with a display before 2025. So just be patient! Until then, you can of course also go for the current HomePod: see the best price below.

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