Apple launches HomePod 2023: this is what the smart speaker looks like

Apple today announced the second-generation HomePod. What does the HomePod 2023 look like? Check out the new speaker here!

HomePod 2023 launched by Apple

Apple today launched the second generation of the HomePod. The smart speaker was first released in 2018, but was withdrawn from sale in 2020. Now Apple is finally coming up with a successor, the HomePod 2023. And the good news: the smart speaker is coming to the Netherlands for the first time this year.

Apple launches HomePod 2023: this is what the smart speaker looks like

This is what the new HomePod looks like

The new HomePod comes in two colors: white and midnight. The HomePod differs little from the first generation, but has a touchscreen at the top with which you can control the volume of the speaker. The HomePod is easy to operate with both your iPhone and voice control.

The HomePod 2023 is equipped with the S7 chip. Siri, for example, should work a lot better with this. The speaker is also equipped with a large 4-inch woofer and separate tweeters all around. This is unchanged from the first-generation HomePod.

The HomePod uses room estimation technology so the speaker knows if the sound is bouncing off the walls or not. The speaker automatically adjusts the sound to the position, so you can enjoy the best sound. Want a cinema experience? Two HomePods work together to create impressive stereo sound, especially with the new spatial audio support.

Control your smart home with Siri and the HomePod

The HomePod 2023 is easy to operate with Siri. The HomePod recognizes up to six different voices, so each family member can listen to personalized playlists, ask for reminders, and schedule Calendar events. Have you lost your phone at home? Don’t worry, with ‘Find My’ on the HomePod you can easily find lost Apple devices by playing a sound.

The HomePod also works with the new Home app, making it possible to control your smart home with the new HomePod. You can open your curtains, turn your lights on and off or even operate your intercom with the smart speaker. With the new built-in temperature and humidity sensor, the HomePod also gives you more information about your home.

HomePod 2023

This is how much the HomePod 2023 will cost

The new HomePod is on the pricey side: for 349 euros you have the smart speaker at home. Can’t wait for the smart speaker? You can pre-order the HomePod 2023 now, the HomePod will be available from February 3. So please be patient! You can pre-order here:

  • Pre-order the HomePod 2023 at MediaMarkt
  • Pre-order the HomePod 2023 at Coolblue
  • Pre-order the HomePod 2023 at
  • Pre-order the HomePod 2023 at BCC

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