Apple lays off hundreds of employees after abandoning car project

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Technology colossus Apple is kicking hundreds of people. The layoffs are related to Apple’s decision to pull the plug on its car project.

Earlier this year it became clear that Apple no longer sees any point in further developing what should have been the company’s first car. The technology company had been planning – often shrouded in mystery – for about ten years to launch its own car, but that is no longer coming. The company pulled the plug on the project, now resulting in hundreds of layoffs.

At the height of Apple’s Titan car project – around 2018 – around 5,000 people are said to have worked on Apple’s car behind the scenes. According to Bloomberg, that would have been around 2,000 until recently. According to Bloomberg, more than 600 have now been laid off. Not all 2,000 employees appear to have to fear for their jobs, as a significant portion of them are reportedly being transferred to Apple’s artificial intelligence division.

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