Apple says: this is how old photos reappeared in iOS 17.5

An annoying problem in iOS 17.5 caused old photos to return to the photo library. Curious how that happened? Apple explains.

Photo issue in iOS 17.5

Apple released another update on Monday, May 20, aimed at fixing a major issue on the iPhone. Since iOS 17.5, users were experiencing a software glitch in the Photo Library. As a result, deleted photos reappeared in the camera roll, even though that was not the intention at all. For example, in iOS 17.5, old photos from years ago appeared again in the library.

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This problem has been resolved in iOS 17.5.1, but Apple has not responded to the software error. The company did confirm the problem in the description of iOS 17.5.1. There was talk of a rare bug, where photos were displayed again in the photo library due to a damaged database. Now Apple has provided more details about how old photos are popping up in iOS 17.5.

Apple says: this is how old photos reappeared in iOS 17.5

No iCloud photos

The big question: how did old photos come back in iOS 17.5? According to Apple, this has nothing to do with iCloud. So the deleted images that reappeared in iOS 17.5 were not associated with iCloud Photos. Instead, the files from the deleted photos were only on the iPhone itself. These files were not completely deleted due to a corrupt database.

In some cases, these images were included when making a backup. Even if you put a backup of an old iPhone directly on a new iPhone, there is a chance that old photos will reappear in iOS 17.5. This also applies to using an iCloud backup, as long as you don’t use iCloud Photos. These are therefore rare cases in which old image files were nevertheless transferred to a new iPhone.

iOS 17.5.1

iOS 17.5.1 does not delete images

Have you sold an old iPhone? Don’t worry, because according to Apple it is impossible for your old photos to appear again on that device in iOS 17.5. The condition is, of course, that you have reset the old iPhone to factory settings before selling it. Apple also confirms once again that the company does not have access to your photos and videos. How the corrupt database came about remains unclear.

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It is advisable to update to iOS 17.5.1 as soon as possible, because the problem has now been resolved. Be careful, because old photos that unintentionally returned in iOS 17.5 are not automatically deleted in the new iOS version. So, if you were affected by the software bug, you will have to delete these images manually. Fortunately, the chance that you have been affected by the problem is small, because according to Apple these are rare cases.

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