Apple Search: Will Apple launch its own Google?

The competition between Apple and Google is getting even bigger. Apple is rumored to be working on its own search engine: Apple Search.

Apple Search: Apple’s own search engine

Rumors that Apple is working on its own search engine have been circulating for years. Google pays Apple an annual fee to be the default search engine in Safari. And these are not small amounts: where Google paid ‘only’ one billion dollars to Apple in the first year, last year it was between 18 and 20 billion dollars.

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In addition, Apple uses Bing in the background for Siri searches. In addition, these Siri and Spotlight searches are reportedly already performed sporadically by an Apple search engine. Now Apple has released a new service, which indicates that Apple Search (Apple’s own search engine) is getting closer.

Apple Search: Will Apple launch its own Google?

Apple introduces Apple Business Connect

Apple has Apple Business Connect already launched. With the service, all companies – regardless of the size or reputation of the company – can add the location and description to the description of the company themselves. This description will then appear in all Apple services, such as Apple Maps, Wallet, Messages and Siri. For example, the company determines for free how it appears in these searches.

The fact that Apple has now launched this service may indicate that Apple is working on a larger search engine. Apple Business Connect seems to be the start of a larger database that can later serve as Apple Search. For example, Apple is directly competing with Google’s search engine.

Further competition between Apple and Google

The new service creates even more direct competition between Apple and Google. Apple Maps is already a competitor to Google Maps. Now that the service is being expanded with Apple Business Connect, Apple users can get certain benefits from Apple Cards. This will probably make it easier to make reservations at restaurants and Apple Pay can be linked to Apple Cards.

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With Apple Search, Apple intends to compete with Google. Apple is expected to process few ads in the search engine to make the service more attractive than Google. Earlier, Apple already tried to prevent tracking for personalized ads on Google with the App Tracking Transparency.

apple business connect

When will Apple Search appear?

Apple Business Connect seems to be only the beginning of a large search engine from Apple itself. It takes quite a bit of time (and data) to build such a search engine, so we don’t expect Apple Search to be available any time soon. In any case, it is interesting to see that Apple is increasingly competing with Google. For now, Google will remain the main search engine for the time being, also in Safari.

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  • Apple Search: Will Apple launch its own Google?

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