Apple throws ‘Hey Siri’ in the trash (this is about to change)

According to a rumor, Apple will stop saying “Hey Siri” and you’ll have to activate the assistant with another voice command. iPhoned explains exactly what will change.

Apple stops saying ‘Hey Siri’: activating becomes easier

If you’ve had an iPhone for some time, you know that you can call up Apple’s voice assistant with ‘Hey Siri’. You can then ask Siri (almost) anything and you will usually get a useful answer.

Siri iPhone

Still, Apple decided that something had to change. According to a recent newsletter from Mark Gurman, Apple will stop using the phrase “Hey Siri” by 2024. The usually reliable Apple expert says that the sentence you use to trigger Siri will be a bit shorter. You no longer say ‘Hey, Siri’ but simply ‘Siri’.

Customizing ‘Hey Siri’ is a big change

While it’s only a minor change, Apple has to do quite a bit of work in the background. Siri needs to learn to recognize the word in different languages ​​and dialects to summon the voice assistant. With a combination of two words, such as “Hey, Siri”, it’s easier for the software to pick it up.

Why Apple chooses to stop using the “Hey Siri” phrase to activate the assistant is unknown. Amazon has a similar function with Alexa and Apple can compete better this way.

You also have to call Google’s voice assistant with two words. By using only “Siri” to activate the assistant, Apple could stay one step ahead of Google.

More Siri improvements coming

Apple is also still working on improving Siri further. The voice assistant should be able to be used in more apps and services. At the moment Siri cannot be used in many third-party apps.

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