Apple TV 4K 2022 reviews roundup: more storage and lower price

The Apple TV 4K 2022 is coming and the first international reviews are already online. What do international reviewers think of the new Apple TV? We give a short summary!

Apple TV 4K 2022 reviews roundup

The Apple TV 4K third generation is the latest Apple TV and is available in two models. The first model has 64 GB of storage and it will cost you 169 euros. If you put twenty euros more on the table, you have an Apple TV 4K 2022 with an Ethernet connection and more storage space (128 GB). The first reviews have already appeared online and we have listed the conclusions for you.

Apple TV 4K 2022 reviews roundup: more storage and lower price

The Verge: Refinement of Apple TVs

The Verge emphasizes the lower price of the new Apple TV. With a starting price of 129 dollars in the United States and 169 euros in the Netherlands, the Apple TV is a lot cheaper than its predecessor. According to The Verge, the choice between the two new models of the Apple TV 4K is made quickly: the slightly more expensive model is well worth it due to the larger storage space and the Ethernet connection.

Critiques, according to The Verge, are the functioning of Siri and the design of the Apple TV. Siri has limited availability with the Apple TV 4K and can’t always answer easy questions. The design of the Apple TV could also be overhauled, although removing the fan is a good start.

All in all, The Verge reviewer doesn’t think the third-generation Apple TV 4K is a major update, but an absolute refinement of previous Apple TVs.

Read the full review on The compare.

TechCrunch: Future-proof Apple TV

The TechCrunch reviewer is impressed with the hardware of the Apple TV 4K 2022. The more powerful chip makes switching between apps easier. According to TechCrunch, gaming with the Apple TV is better than ever thanks to this new chip. As a result, the Apple TV 4K 2022 can easily handle the most demanding games from the App Store.

Apple tv 4k 2022

TechCrunch also says that the appearance of the Apple TV could use an upgrade. However, they do not think this is a reason not to purchase the third generation of the Apple TV 4K. This new Apple TV is future-proof, especially if you opt for the slightly more expensive version with more storage space.

According to the website, the new Apple TV 4K is well worth buying, both for people who already own an Apple TV and for people who are now buying their first Apple TV.

Read the full review on TechCrunch.

AppleInsider: no need to upgrade yet

AppleInsider puts the second and third generations of the Apple TV 4K side by side. The price is really an advantage of the new Apple TV 4K, according to AppleInsider, but that’s about it. According to AppleInsider, you will not notice much difference between the image quality of both models.

The second-generation Apple TV 4K also has an Ethernet connection as standard. The biggest difference that remains is the speed, which is a lot higher with the third-generation Apple TV 4K.

Apple TV 4K 2022

According to AppleInsider, there is no need to upgrade from an older Apple TV to the latest version. If you are going to buy an Apple TV for the first time, the third generation is definitely worth it, especially because of the decent price. AppleInsider does recommend going for the slightly more expensive model, with the Ethernet connection.

Read the full review on AppleInsider.

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