Apple TV, HomePod or a Google Nest Hub: the best smart home hub for you

Do you have smart devices in your home? But do you get tired of controlling them all separately? This is a lot easier via a smart home hub, such as the Google Nest Hub, HomePod or Apple TV. We have listed the 7 best for you.

What is a smart home hub?

You can only really make optimal use of your smart home if you have a smart home hub. From there you can control all your smart devices from one app. Switch on your smart lights and thermostat with a voice command or via the app. As soon as you open your eyes in the morning, your house immediately warms up pleasantly and you don’t have to touch a single light switch.

The smart home hub controls all your devices from a central platform. You then use the app or voice commands via Siri or Google Assistant to use the hub. When purchasing, make sure that they are compatible with the smart home hub that you have in your house. Below we have listed 7 smart home hubs, sorted by price. We start the list with a hub of 41.95 euros and the maximum price is 399.99 euros.

Google Nest mini

1. Google Nest Mini – from 39 euros

If you want the cheapest option, go for the Google Nest Mini. This little device controls all your smart home equipment: all you have to do is say “Hey Google” and it will immediately perform the task. You can also listen to music via the Nest Mini, because it is also a speaker. You take it home from 39 euros.

View the Google Nest Mini at Bol

2. Google Nest Hub (2nd generation) – from 76.95 euros

Google Nest hub

You can control all your smart devices via voice commands, but also via the handy touch-sensitive screen. If you are looking for a more extensive system, the Google Nest Hub is recommended. You can also quickly check your agenda for today or the weather forecast on the screen. Score him from 76.95 euros.

View the Google Nest Hub at Bol
Google Nest Audio

3. Google Nest Audio – from 89 euros

Do you have the HomePod in mind, but do you think it is a bit too expensive? The Google Nest Audio is a cheaper alternative. The smart speaker has excellent sound quality and you can directly control your smart home devices. For example, you can use your Philips Hue lamps, set the Nest thermostat to the ideal temperature and open or close your smart curtains using voice commands.

Check out the Google Nest Audio at Alternate

4. Apple TV – from 129.95 euros

apple tv hd

Although you use the Apple TV – as the name suggests – to make your TV smart, you also use it as a smart home hub. This works thanks to the support for smart home standard Thread. This makes communication between all accessories of your smart home even smoother. Also use the button on the remote control to switch on Siri and give commands via voice command to turn on the lights, for example. However, you must actively link Apple TV to HomeKit as a home hub.

View the Apple TV at Belsimpel

5. Somfy TaHoma switch – from 181 euros

Somfy Tahoma

No matter how large your smart home equipment is, the Somfy TaHoma switch makes operation a lot easier. It can be connected to many different brands. You can also easily connect it to Apple HomeKit to control all your devices in the app. You take it home from 181.20 euros at Amazon.

View the Somfy TaHoma switch at Amazon

6. Apple HomePod – from 328.95 euros


The ultimate smart home hub for the Apple enthusiast is the HomePod. You mainly use it to play music thanks to the excellent speakers, but it also works with accessories and devices that are compatible with HomeKit. Think of the Philips Hue lighting and smart thermostats from Honeywell. When you switch it on for the first time, it is automatically set up as a home hub for HomeKit. Make sure that you log in with the same iCloud account as your HomeKit accessories.

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Athom Homey Pro

7. Athom Homey Pro – from 399 euros

The Athom Homey Pro is a handy smart home hub that controls more than 1000 different brands. Handy if you have an extensive smart home. Receive notifications from your doorbell, control your lighting, alarm system and thermostat, even when you are not at home. You can also play your favorite music with the Athom Homey Pro. You get ahead of him 399.99 euros in-house via MediaMarkt.

View the Athom Homey Pro at MediaMarkt

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