Apple Watch Series 10 gets a new screen (with a big advantage)

The Apple Watch Series 10 will not only get a completely new design, but according to a new rumor, the screen will also get a cool update. You need to know this.

The screen of the Apple Watch Series 10 is getting a cool update

The Apple Watch Series 10 (also called Series X) will probably be released in September. It is becoming increasingly clear what we can expect from the new smartwatch, for example new health features. According to a new rumor, the Apple Watch Series 10’s screen will also receive an update, which will help extend battery life.

A message from The Elec claims that Apple will use an LTPO TFT (low-temperature polycrystalline oxide thin-film transistor) in the OLED screen of the Series 10. The use of LTPO TFT has so far only been applied to some parts of the Apple Watch screen. In the new version, LTPO TFT will be used for practically the entire screen.

Apple Watch Series 10 gets a new screen (with a big advantage)

It is not yet known what this screen adjustment will mean in practice for the battery life of the Apple Watch Series 10. In any case, it is expected that you will no longer have to charge the smartwatch every night. The Apple Watch Ultra currently lasts several days due to the good battery. It is hoped that the Apple Watch Series X will soon have a similar battery life.

The same technique for the iPhone screen

It is not unlikely that the newer technology used for the Apple Watch Series 10’s screen will be extended to other devices, such as the iPhone. Apple previously used a technique on the Apple Watch that was later applied to the iPhone. The same pattern may now be followed.

For the iPhone 16, the Pro and Pro Max models are expected to use LTPO TFTs. For the iPhone 17, the technology may be used in all four models. That’s good news, because you don’t have to charge your iPhone as often. It previously became clear that almost all iPhone 16 models will have a larger battery.

The Elec is generally a reliable source. Especially when it comes to rumors regarding the supply of materials and parts. Given the topic, it seems quite likely that Apple is currently further exploring the use of LTPO TFT. Of course, we won’t know for sure until September, when Apple officially announces the new Apple Watch and iPhone.

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