Apple Watch Series 9 vs Fitbit Sense 2: which one is right for you?

If you want to keep a closer eye on your health, a smartwatch is an excellent idea. But which suits you better: an Apple Watch Series 9 or a Fitbit Sense 2? You can read that in this article.


Apple Watch Series 9 vs Fitbit Sense 2

Apple’s most recent standard model is the Apple Watch Series 9, while Fitbit’s is the Fitbit Sense 2. The Apple Watch costs €398.95, and you can buy the Fitbit for around €210. That is of course a considerable price difference. Keep in mind that if you want to get the most out of the Fitbit, you need a Fitbit Premiumsubscription. That will cost you 8.99 euros per month, so that will increase considerably over time.

Apple Watch Fitbit Sense

Similarities between the Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2

The Apple Watch Series 9 and the Fitbit Sense 2 have many overlapping features in the field of fitness. Of course, they can both track your steps and heart rate. You can also track different results for different types of exercises, whether you are running, doing strength sports or yoga. For swimmers it is good to know that both smartwatches are water resistant up to 50 meters.

Google Maps and Apple Maps

Both smartwatches track your distance traveled and use GPS to track your routes. The difference is that the Fitbit Sense 2 uses Google Maps for this and the Apple Watch of course uses Apple Maps. You may prefer one of the two. It is of course also possible to use Google Maps on your Apple Watch, but that works less well than Apple Maps.

Apple Maps

Oxygen measurement

Another difference has to do with the oxygen measurement. Previously, both devices could track oxygen levels in your blood, but Apple discontinued that feature in the United States after a patent dispute. The function still works in the Netherlands and Belgium. So do not buy an Apple Watch Series 9 in the United States, because the saturation meter is deactivated. The Sense 2 still keeps track of this information.

Relaxation and meditation

You also use both smartwatches to monitor both your physical and mental health. For the latter, both the Apple Watch Series 9 and the Fitbit Sense 2 offer relaxation, meditation and breathing exercises. They also allow you to record your mood at certain times of the day.

apple watch fitbit sense

Menstrual cycles

Tracking menstrual cycles is also possible with both smartphones. By tracking these, you can see patterns in your cycle and any abnormalities that occur during or between periods. They can provide ovulation estimates based on your patterns, although this is of course not foolproof medical advice.

Sleep patterns

Both smartwatches also allow you to track your sleep phases. A good night’s sleep is essential, so keeping track of this information can be very important for some people. At the same time, for many people it is the best time to charge the smartwatch.

Apple Watch Fitbit Sense

One of the biggest advantages of the Fitbit Sense 2 over the Apple Watch Series 9 is the battery life. The Apple Watch has a standard battery life of up to 18 hours, which means you’ll likely need to charge the device every day or every other day. That can be a problem, especially if you want to use your Apple Watch to track your sleep cycle, daily routines, and exercise.

The Sense 2, on the other hand, lasts up to six days on one full charge, although this comes with a number of limitations. Depending on the apps and options you use on the smartwatch, such as the built-in GPS, your battery life can be drastically reduced compared to the maximum capacity.

Although you have to charge the Apple Watch more often than the Sense 2, the Apple Watch does have a faster charging time. It only takes 75 minutes to get the battery back to 100 percent if it is completely discharged. At two hours, the Sense 2 takes twice as long to achieve this when it is empty.

Features and differences of the Apple Watch Series 9 and Fitbit Sense 2

An important reason why the Apple Watch Series 9 has such a short battery life compared to the Fitbit Sense 2 is the large number of apps that are supported. Most basic apps are the same.

Both smartwatches let you view messages, answer phone calls, use voice guidance (Siri for the Apple Watch and Alexa for the Fitbit), use a digital wallet (Apple Pay for the Apple Watch and Google Pay for the Fitbit), control music and keep you connected. find smartphone. The only possible advantage of the Sense 2 is that it works with both Apple and Android smartphones.

control music

You can use practically as many apps on the Apple Watch as on an iPhone. Not only are there iOS apps available such as Photos or Calendar, but you can also download apps ranging from apps to check sports scores to apps to quickly order a pizza.

The Apple Watch can access plane boarding passes in your Apple Wallet, work as a quick calculator, or let Shazam figure out which song you’re hearing somewhere. These apps also integrate seamlessly with the same apps on all your Apple devices. So it is an extremely complete device.

Conclusion: Apple Watch Series 9 vs Fitbit Sense 2

Fitbit’s primary focus has always been fitness, as the name suggests. The Apple Watch is much more of an all-rounder. Maybe you don’t need all the extras that the Apple Watch offers and all the fitness options are enough for you. Then the Fitbit Sense 2 is of course a great choice.

Apple Watch Fitbit Sense

Maybe all those extra apps that are supported are attractive to you. The Apple Watch works really seamlessly with other Apple devices and you don’t have to take out an extra subscription to get the most out of it. Are you planning to purchase an Apple Watch Series 9? Then be sure to check out the offers below.

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