Are there any Black Friday offers for your car that stand out in 2023?

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At the end of November we now have Black Friday. This year, November 24, 2023 is the day of the big offers. The discount party often starts earlier and lasts a little longer. We noticed these offers for your car.

You can get nice discounts in many places because of Black Friday. We usually look for the origin of the phenomenon in the tradition that sales start in the United States on the day after Thanksgiving. This brought retailers out of the red for the first time in the year: on this day, consumers spent so much on discounted items. However, there are sources that explain it differently. For example: in the 1950s, the term was used in the American city of Philadelphia to describe the chaos on the roads and downtown on the day after Thanksgiving: consumers and tourists came to the city for the major football tournament between the Navy and the Army . That already caused headaches for the police, but in addition there were a large number of shoplifting incidents. That negative trigger disappeared and we still know it as the start of the sell-off in the US. Followed by Small Business Saturday and Sunday, and Cyber ​​Monday.

Big discounts at Amazon – and more around Black Friday

The originally American online store Amazon knows almost better than anyone else what Black Friday entails. This means that there are high discounts. It is especially worthwhile to take a look yourself on Friday, November 24. Various offers are still coming, and we are not allowed to announce them in advance. We can already give you a glimpse of items that are already on sale.

  • If you are looking for filters for your car, keep an eye on Mann as a supplier. For example, on the interior and pollen filter CUK 2545 you get a 69 percent discount.
  • You can also get it with a 61 percent discount Mann fuel filter 42/2 for passenger cars to order.
  • If you often work technically with your car, then this one is for you Beizkna OBD2 interface interesting for you. It communicates via Bluetooth with your iPhone or Android phone where the app examines the condition of your car and points out where you have problems or what to look for during maintenance. You get a 15 percent discount on it.
  • More extensive is the Launch Europe CRP123 Premium OBD2 diagnostic error monitor. You don’t need a smartphone for this and the discount is 41 percent.
  • Do you want to clean the engine internally? The Liqui-Moly engine flush in a 500 ml bottle Order now with a 48 percent discount.

Black Friday Week at Bol with daily offers

Bol has a Black Friday Week and organizes it with daily offers. Let’s take a look the car and motorcycle related articles. The discounts are generally around 10%. On Monday, November 20, a few stand out:

  • Were you looking for a hydraulic flat garage jack? This Mastokrik comes with the necessary accessories – and 24 percent discount to you.
  • Masto has several ramps offered via the major platform. You get a 23 percent discount on these copies for lighter items such as motorcycles and trailers with this duo, but there are also several other types available, also with a discount.
  • Do you have loose items in your car such as tickets and parking receipts? This handy clip holder stick it to the window and clamp them easily (and visibly if you want) in place. You get a 20 percent discount, but even without a discount you won’t even spend five euros… just make sure you thoroughly remove any grease from the window before sticking.
  • You get 21 percent with this one Kärcher Car & Bike soft rotating washing brush and foam jet with car shampoo for a high-pressure cleaner. With this set you can remove dirt or greasy deposits from your car. The foam nozzle ensures that you can work even more effectively.
  • We don’t want to deprive you of this, even if you only receive a 10 percent discount. Indeed, we thought we had the chair covers made of wooden beads had said goodbye at the end of the 80s. They were very popular at the time, but are now a rarity. If you want to experience wooden beads behind your back, grab your chance now!
  • Then you have this Michelin eco leather cleaner may be needed less often… But still: you can now buy it with a 15 percent discount.

By bike? Browse around at Alltricks

Where you can find all the necessary offers at Bol if you have a motorcycle, Alltricks is a paradise if you have or want a slower bike. They organize a ‘Black Week’ with the necessary discounts. Here too, often around 10 to 20 percent discount. It’s best to browse the site, but we found a few standout offers.

  • That’s how we came up with one Cannondale Moterra Neo EQ e-bike for off-road and commuting. You can have it delivered to you for just under €600 less than the base price of €6,199. This is indeed a discount of less than 10 percent, but if you look at it, it is definitely worth it.
  • You also get a nice advantage with the XLC bicycle carriers. There are various models for which you have to pay around 15 percent less during the Black Friday week. The XLC Beluga VC-C03 appeared in an earlier bicycle carrier test. And you will find the XLC Work VC-C07 in the test of e-bike bicycle carriers.

More Black Friday offers for your car

There are plenty of more Black Friday offers available. For example at Unfortunately, they do indicate that there is a sale, but the exact discounts (or regular prices) are not indicated. You can indulge yourself if, for example, you need motor oil, or a 1000A jump starter. You will also find various maintenance products from regular shampoos to… Meguiar’s Trim Restorer or a Nordval Dashcam. In short: just browse through the overview of Winparts whether there is something you like!

If we go to another well-known supplier of car materials, Conrad, we see that there are no specific Black Friday deals there. You’ll find one general section with discounted items where the discounts are quite high, up to over 50%. Whether you are looking for a part such as a fuse or a (bracket or flat) windshield wiper, a junction box, brake cable, lighting… there is plenty of choice if you are looking for it. You will also find the necessary bicycle accessories here.

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