Art as inspiration for Danish Design Frihed watches

When you think of Danish Design you may think of pure, tranquil designs. But that is only one side of the story, because Scandinavian designers are also often looking for freedom; In thinking, doing and form. This is reflected in the Frihed watch collection from Danish Design.

Surprising shapes

For the latest watches in the Frihed collection from Danish Design, the designers took their inspiration from art. This has resulted in surprising new types of watches. As we have come to expect from Scandinavian designers, the master shows himself in the limitations. Striking shapes have been created with minimal resources that give each watch its own character.

▴ Tilt

▴ D

▴ Ellipse

Art as inspiration

The Tilt is inspired by the painting Victory Boogie Woogie by Piet Mondriaan. This square painting is special because it is placed in a special corner. The painting remains so fascinating to look at. The Tilt watch case is also placed at a different angle, creating an optical illusion that makes the watch ‘pleasantly crazy’.

Victory Boogie Woogie
▴Victory Boogie Woogie. Source: Gemeentemuseum The Hague, Public domain,

▴ Tilt

The ‘D’ draws inspiration from the Cobra movement, of which the Danish painters Asger Jorn and Carl-Henning Pedersen were part. The D-shape is a nod to the D for Dare, Dynamics, and of course Danish Design.

Miró, famous for his paintings and sculptures with abstract shapes that seem to playfully float within the composition, was the inspiration for the Ellipse. By placing the watch case diagonally on the straight line of the strap, the watch appears to detach from your wrist.

Sculpture by Miro
▴ Sculpture by Miró. Source:

▴ Ellipse

Dare to be different

The designers also looked to modern art for the color palette of these new Frided watches. A palette of primary colors was chosen. Remarkable? Certainly! The Tilt, D and Ellipse are therefore intended for free thinkers who dare to be different and express that; Dare to be different.

More Danish Design watches at Techzle

Do you think these playful watches are a bit too daring? In our Danish Design collection you will of course also find tranquil and minimalist design watches, for example in Pure or Tidlos lines. Danish Design also has a wide range of titanium watches. A strong and lightweight material with anti-allergenic properties. Plenty of choice for all design lovers!

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