Aston Martin Brough Superior #8 AMB 001 Pro is up for auction

The limited edition of only 88 pieces has not yet sold out, but that has not stopped the owner of number 8 from putting it up for auction in the hope of making a nice penny from it. A 2023 Aston Martin Brough Superior AMB 001 Pro will be offered for auction at the Iconic Auctioneers Shuttleworth Spring Motorcycle Sale next month.

According to Aston Martin, it was the ultimate motorcycle, the crème de la crème, the AMB 001, developed in collaboration with the now French Brough Superior, which caused a sensation for the British manufacturer of super-exclusive cars.

The track-only AMB 001 was powered by a turbocharged 997 cc V-twin rated for a top power of 180 hp and housed as a load-bearing part in a CNC machined aluminum monocoque frame with carbon fiber subframe.

An aluminum Fiortype front suspension was used at the front, while a conventional aluminum swingarm was fitted at the rear, both – just like the monocoque frame – CNC milled from solid aluminum. Aston Martin claimed a dry weight of 180 kilos, giving the AMB 001 a very impressive power-to-weight ratio of 1 hp to 1 kilo.

Although the engine was announced in 2019, production did not start until 2022 – the corona pandemic had caused a significant retraining of the AMB 001, the first Brough Superior with turbo drive.

Even before the limited edition of 100 units was sold out, Aston Martin launched a second model at the end of 2022: the AMB 001 Pro, the über version of the standard model, which would be produced in an even more limited edition of 88 units.

Compared to the AMB 001, Aston Martin had gone one step further, with a top power of 225 hp from the 88° 997cc V-twin and a curb weight of only 175 kilos, which is an even more extreme power/weight ratio of 1 .29 hp/kg had resulted – according to Aston Martin, equal to that of a Formula 1 car.

Number 8 from that series of 88 units in total – the first model imported into the UK – will now be offered for auction at Iconic Auctioneers’ Shuttleworth Spring Motorcycle Sale, which will take place on Sunday April 7 at the Old Warden Bedfordshire Aerodrome.

The auction house has estimated the #8 Aston Martin AMB 001 Pro at a value of between £150,000 and £200,000, which is quite remarkable. The bicycle has a factory retail price of ‘only’ €148,900, excluding delivery costs and VAT, and the maximum number of 88 units has not yet been reached. And then you have a new one and not a second-hand one.

The only reason we can think of why this #8 will fetch more money than it sells for from the factory is its unique production number 8/88. The number 8 is the Chinese lucky number.

More info: Iconic Auctioneers

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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