Audi A7 Allroad and S7 Avant: strikingly named newcomers

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Audi A7 Allroad

Anyone who walks into an Audi showroom will soon encounter models with names that did not exist before. Think of Audis with names like A7 Avant and A7 Limousine and even A7 Allroad. We now see the latter in a camouflage suit for the first time, as well as another new model: the Audi S7 Avant.

A lot is going to change at Audi this year. There will be a new Q5 and perhaps even a new A5 family. The successors to the Audi A4 Limousine and A4 Avant are transferred to the A5 family. Why? Audi is saving the model name A4 for an electric model family that will be released in the future, which is what the model names with an even number in the name are intended for from now on. Something similar will happen before with the A6 and A7. The A6 with combustion engines will soon be followed by a completely new generation, but you will soon find it in the Audi showrooms under the name ‘A7’. This year, Audi will launch fully electric A6 models. The fact that the A6 Limousine and A6 Avant are part of the A7 family means that you will soon encounter model names such as A7 Limousine and A7 Avant for the first time. Its many derivatives are also new for ‘an A7’, although they are actually successors to well-known models. On these spy plates we not only see the first Audi A7 Allroad ever, but also the very first Audi called S7 Avant.

The Audi A7 Allroad that you see in these photos is of course ‘just’ a station wagon with mild-hybrid combustion engines over which Audi has poured its adventurous Allroad sauce. The flared wheel arches give the impression at first glance that this is an RS7 Avant, but that does not seem to be the case. Previous test copies of the RS7 had wider wheel arches incorporated into the body, while here we really see extensions. The design of the grille also indicated that this is not an RS7, as did the absence of large exhaust tips at the bottom of the buttocks. The rear left tailgate is also missing, while it was present on previous test copies of the RS7. After all, the RS7 will be a plug-in hybrid.

Spy shots Audi S7 Avant

The Audi S7 Avant has a hatch on the left and right. Indeed: it is a plug-in hybrid.

More A7 Avant news comes in the form of the S7 Avant which has also passed our spy photographer’s lens. This will of course be the sporty sub-topper of the new A7 family. The S7 Avant in these photos has a hatch on both the left and right rear, which indicates that the Audi S7 will also have a plug-in hybrid powertrain. That variant may have the drivetrain of the Porsche Panamera E-Hybrid, complete with 2.9 V6 and 27 kWh battery pack. Count on a system power of around 420 hp.

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