Audi E-tron GT gets a more subtle facelift than its Porsche cousin

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Audi E-tron GT spy shots

About a month ago we had a good look at the updated Porsche Taycan and it became clear how drastic the external changes are. Now the facelifted Audi E-tron GT appears and it follows a slightly different course.

Porsche is working on a refresher for the Taycan and you could actually bet that sooner or later a new Audi E-tron GT would also appear. That day has now arrived. The electric GT, unveiled in 2021 after the Taycan, will logically receive its facelift a little later than the Porsche cousin with which it shares its basis. Not only that; the facelift is also more subtle in nature.

We recently saw clearly that the Porsche Taycan will have a considerably different look at the front, because Porsche has tightened it considerably around the headlights, among other things. The front bumper is also being overhauled and has sharper creases. The Audi E-tron GT seems to deviate less from its original lines. Judging from the camouflage stickers, we can expect a slightly different front bumper and ‘grille’ layout. The bumper is also being refined at the rear. Furthermore, much seems to remain the same. Audi is apparently more satisfied with the basic design of the E-tron GT than Porsche is with that of the Taycan.

Does this mean that the facelift won’t bring much? Well, that doesn’t necessarily have to be the case, because there are undoubtedly some changes under the skin as well. We just have to wait and see what changes. Carefully count on a more efficient drive and we also expect updated infotainment. Here in the Netherlands, the Audi E-tron GT is quite rare compared to the Porsche Taycan. Just under 2,400 of the Taycan have been sold since its market introduction in 2020, the Audi E-tron GT (which came on the market in 2021) stands at 512 units.

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