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Final agreement

We know that the Audi RS6 as we know it will soon disappear, after all, the even numbers at Audi will be for electric models. This means that the Audi RS6 with a big V8 will disappear. But not before Audi gives it a fitting final chord with the GT.

The Audi RS6 GT represents a huge change that is taking place at Audi. Like many other brands, the Germans want to focus primarily on electric models and that in itself is of course a huge change. But Audi also wants to adapt the naming of its model series to the new times. This means that from now on all electric models will have an even number, and models with a combustion engine will have an odd number. This is not the last generation A6, but its successor will be called A7 and the current A7 will probably be called A7 Sportback. This will probably also be extended to the ultra-fast RS models, making this the last time that an RS6 will be available with a ridiculously powerful combustion engine. And to celebrate that illustrious type name, Audi is launching 660 copies of this new RS6 GT.


With the special wrap, which is not mandatory, the GT refers back to the Audi 90 IMSA GTO, with which the brand tried to win the American IMSA GTO championship in the late 1980s. Apart from the type name and the roof, the car had little to do with the street version of the 90. It was a tubular frame with a body vaguely resembling the 90. Far in the front was a 2.2-liter five-cylinder turbo. Or actually TURBO, because the thing was big enough to squeeze more than 700 hp from the 2.2, more than 300 hp per liter! But even more bizarre is how the exhaust then ran straight out from the turbo through the bulkhead and the ‘passenger door’. Of course the 90 quattro had four-wheel drive. It is that the 90 missed the first two races of the season and had gearbox problems in the third race, but otherwise the Germans would almost certainly have taken the championship in the first attempt. The combination of the 90 and drivers such as Hans Joachim Stuck and Walter Röhrl was supreme and of the thirteen races in which the 90 did participate, Stuck won seven. Nevertheless, Audi decided that it would rather focus on the DTM from the following year. Which perhaps makes the magic around the 90 IMSA GTO even greater.

Audi RS6 GT

The Audi 90 IMSA GTO was the great source of inspiration.

Double wing

The fact that the 90 IMSA GTO is the great source of inspiration is not only evident from the color scheme, explains Jörgen Löffler. “A few years ago we had trainees from Audi Design think about what we could do with the RS6 and that ultimately resulted in the RS6 GTO. That car was a lot more extreme, but we noticed that it was well received and we continued from that basis. Something I am personally very proud of is the double rear wing of the RS6 GT. That is a truly unique feature on a car like this. But it is also in much smaller details. For example, take a look at the grille, which is 6 millimeters less high than the RS6 Performance. That is very little, but it does ensure that the entire front looks different. And we wanted to show that we used carbon fiber. So if you’re going for this wrap, we’ll leave two lanes open on the hood. In addition, the RS6 GT is the only RS6 that does not have roof rails, which makes the car optically even lower and that contributes to the sporty appearance.”

The differences in appearance are often subtle, but together they are large enough that the production process must be carried out partly manually. When the car is almost ready, each RS6 GT is removed from the regular production line in Neckarsulm and shipped to Böllinger Höfe, where the R8 is also built. There, the specific parts for the GT are placed by hand by a special team.

Relatively little changes to the interior. There is a number plate on the center tunnel with the production number (660 copies were built) and the amount of dinamica fiber has been expanded somewhat. There are also sportier seats that not only look nice, but also appear to be very comfortable to sit on. At least, while standing still, because we are not allowed to drive yet.

Audi RS6 GT

The double wing is installed by hand.

Adjusted balance

The external and internal appearance is beautiful, but it would be a shame if Audi had left it at that. Fortunately, that is not the case, Nils Fischer tells us. “We didn’t have to do much to the engine. The 4.0-liter V8 delivers 630 hp and 850 Nm, just like in the Performance, and we believe that is sufficient for this car. Because the car is slightly lighter than the RS6 Performance due to the use of carbon fiber panels, the sprint time is 0.1 second shorter. From 0-100 takes 3.3 seconds. The top speed is 305 km/h as standard. We have also improved the Sports Differential at the rear, which, in combination with the new Continental Sports tires, ensures that the car has even more grip. And we started working on the chassis. The RS6 can therefore be supplied with manually adjustable coilover suspension. This makes the ride height 10 millimeters lower than the RS6 Performance and the compression and rebound stroke of the dampers can be adjusted to find the balance that suits your preferences. We’ve also made the anti-roll bars stiffer, both front and rear. 30 percent in front, 80 percent behind, and that should make the balance even more neutral. Together with the new tires, the understeer at the limit has decreased further.”

Audi RS6 GT

No, you won’t get someone from Audi, but you will get the very nice sports seats that he designed.

Dignified farewell

Unfortunately, as mentioned, we cannot yet take the RS6 GT on the road at the first introduction, but it still seems that Audi is going to give the RS6 a worthy farewell. At the end of 2022 we were introduced to the R8 GT. Also a sporty Audi in the autumn of its career and we were very impressed by the difference in driving behavior that Audi has managed to make so late. And based on the cold data, we are certainly looking forward to driving the RS6 GT, even knowing that there is an additional cost of approximately €50,000 compared to the RS6 Performance. However, the edition of 660 copies will probably sell out quickly. Because as the 90 IMSA GTO already proved: scarcity only fuels the magic of a car.

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