Audi RS6 is preparing for facelift with new spoiler work

An extra intense variant?

Audi RS6 facelift spy Audi RS6 facelift spy Audi RS6 facelift spy Audi RS6 facelift spy Audi RS6 facelift spy Audi RS6 facelift spy Audi RS6 facelift spy

Audi RS6 facelift spy

Audi recently presented the updated Audi A6 and A7, so it will soon be the turn of the pepped-up RS6 and RS7. The station wagon of those two is already rolling past in front of the spy photographer’s lens. At first glance, the car appears to be only marginally different until you examine the spoiler work more closely.

The recent facelift of the regular Audi A6 is only partly interesting if we look at the facelifted RS6. It mainly has similarities with the nose of the RS7. Its front again has many differences with that of the regular A7, so even if we look at the facelift of it, we become little wiser. No, sticking to the facelifts of the regular variants while observing what is under the camouflage foil is not very helpful in this case.

So it is important to take a good look at what is not hidden by the foil. It is clear that the lighting of the facelifted RS6 will be little different from that of the current one. The aerodynamics, on the other hand, seem to be getting a major overhaul. Especially in the photo below it is clearly visible that the Audi RS6 gets a considerably larger rear wing. A copy that you can see under, where the current car – Performance or not – has a ‘closed’ spoiler that connects completely to the top of the tailgate.

Audi RS6 facelift spy

The new rear spoiler is larger than the one on the current RS6.

We also see more pronounced spoiler work at the front in the form of a fairly far forward splitter. In any case, it will be mounted on a slightly modified front bumper, which we expect just like a sharpened rear copy. Furthermore, the side skirts may be slightly different, the grille will probably be rearranged and we expect – of course – a new wheel design or two.

Finally, there are also rumors about an extra potent version with even more power than the 630 hp of the current RS6 Performance. Perhaps we will see that version driving here, since the heavier spoiler work actually has little to do with a – cough – home-garden-and-kitchen-RS6. We expect to see more in 2024 of how the – probably – very last RS6-with-combustion engine turns out.


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