Test Audi S5 Coupé 4.2 FSI quattro (2009)

‘Slightly below factory power and that’s exactly what I thought’

After problems with an Alfa Romeo GT 3.2, Gianni Schreuders started looking for a worthy replacement. He ended up with an Audi S5. Not a risk-free car either, but so far everything is going well. What does the V8 have in store for us?

Well-known designer

It makes some sense that Gianni Schreuders chose an Audi after an Alfa Romeo. None other than Walter de’Silva designed the beautiful lines of the A5 Coupé, with which Audi made its return to that segment in 2007. After all, the same de’Silva is the creative brain behind the still beautiful Alfa Romeo 156 that debuted ten years earlier. Not long after the introduction of the A5, the S5 followed, with the same 4.2-liter V8 as the then S4.

Sold after a test drive

“That GT was really a complete disaster. Maybe a bit my own fault, it was the cheapest on Gaspedal,” says Gianni. “I fell in love with the design, but had a lot of problems with it. Something every month. Not to mention the fact that it used a huge amount of fuel. Okay, you don’t buy it to set economy records, but this was a bit too much for me, in combination with the garage bills and the annoyance.” The successor had to be a coupe again, that was certain. The BMW 4 Series was an option, until his eye fell on the Audi S5. “The combination of a V8 with four-wheel drive is very special and I think the model is really beautiful. If you take a test drive you will be sold immediately. Moreover, it did not have too many kilometers and all maintenance was done by the Audi dealer.”

After tackling the exhaust, it becomes a real Audi S5

On the outside, there is not much to indicate that this is the second fastest A5 Coupé (the RS5 has 450 hp), which is typical for Audi. Nor does it shout from the rooftops that it has a V8. At least as far as Audi is concerned, Gianni had a small adjustment made to the exhaust system. “I really don’t need a loud roaring car, but I thought the original exhaust sound was a bit too modest, a little emotion is allowed. ABL exhausts have a valve system installed, the best decision ever. Now it is a real S5 and makes more noise than the Alfa. The great thing is that it can be quiet when necessary, in the city for example.” The first maintenance was a bit of a shock. Gianni thought it would be better to have the maintenance done at the dealer as before, but it was immediately €1,600 lighter, without any really special features.


All stops open today and that sounds great. Dynamometer manager Ghisbert van Ginhoven carries out two measurements, with the valves open and closed. There is hardly any difference. “The almost 100 extra hp of the RS5 with the same engine comes from a higher speed, the torque is even slightly lower.” The measurements show values ​​that are close to the factory specifications, not surprising for a car that is almost 15 years old. “It’s exactly what I thought, about five percent less than new. Last summer we made a tour through Italy with one engine failure. That is, the light came on and I think it had to do with the gasoline. I always fill up with 98, which was not available there. Furthermore, it is completely problem-free, a relief after that Alfa. After this? Maybe something higher, a Velar or Cayenne.”

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