Back to basics: Toyota Camry

The Camry has been back at the Dutch dealers for a year after an absence of fifteen years. You expect Toyota to put the car down as a good offer after such a long time, but is it? Time for a thorough dive into the price list.

Toyota Camry 2.5 Hybrid Active€ 39,995

The Camry is back with a very clear price list. Because there is only one engine to choose from. As we have come to expect from Toyota, it is a hybrid. It concerns the 220 hp 2.5 Hybrid drivetrain. Toyota also spoons this motorization in, for example, the RAV4. With a top speed of 180 km / h and a sprint time of 8.9 seconds to reach the 100 from a standstill, the Camry is not a real challenge for sports enthusiasts, but that is not really what a car of this caliber is all about. Very neat are CO2 emissions of 98 g / km and a specified consumption of 1 to 23.3.

The price list also includes four trim levels: from the Active to the Premium. The price difference between these two extremes is € 7,900. Despite the more favorable price, Toyota still has a zipper of luxury ready for the entry-level Active. However, the color is not included, because just as with an Aygo or Corolla, the ‘Pure White’ white signal paint is the basis. Those who prefer a metallic or pearl lacquer should add between € 850 and € 1,950. But on the outside, the equipment does not really scream that it is the entry-level version. Take LED lighting: it finds its way to both the front and back in different ways. The headlights are Bi-LED themselves. In addition, the rear passengers can always pull insane pelvis in traffic jams, because privacy glass is one of the standard features. All-round parking sensors with a reversing camera, a rain sensor and 17-inch alloy wheels are also available at all times.

After the ‘smart’ opening of the doors, we find an interior in which fabric-covered chairs determine the image. The driver’s seat is electrically adjustable in height, but to adjust the seat forwards or backwards you have to use an old-fashioned lever. Prefer leather upholstery? This is possible from an additional cost of € 1,495. To heat the front seats electrically, the price increases by € 350. The dashboard is further filled with a 7-inch touchscreen for the multimedia. This system can handle both DAB + and CDs and bluetooth. The only thing we miss is a built-in navigation: something that is standard from the Dynamic (€ 42,395). The automatic air conditioning can be divided into two zones and adaptive cruise control is also standard. Toyota’s Safety Sense also includes an automatic switch between the high and low beam, Lane Departure, Pre-collison System and a traffic sign recognition.

The standard Camry certainly does not have to be ashamed of its equipment, but where does the extra cost with the Premium come from? This comes standard with a ‘Vanilla’ leather upholstery, climate control that can be set over three zones, a premium JBL audio system and a luxury center armrest for the rear passengers with which they can adjust things such as the audio, their own backrest or the automatic sun protection at the rear window. .

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