Back with a vengeance: this is how you give every iPhone a home button again

Almost all recent iPhones no longer have a home button. Do you miss this familiar button (with Touch ID)? With this tip we show you how you can provide every iPhone with the home button again.

Give every iPhone a home button again

When Apple introduced Face ID to the iPhone, it was exit for the home button. Why would you still use Touch ID if you also have Face ID. Still, the loss of a home button is quite a loss for some users.

iPhone SE 2022

Do you also miss the home button so much? And would you almost buy an iPhone SE 2022 to get it back? Try the following tip first if you have an iPhone with Face ID. This places a (virtual) home button on the screen of every iPhone. Then you have an iPhone with Face ID and a home button!

Give every iPhone a home button again with AssistiveTouch

  1. Tap on ‘Settings’, scroll down and choose ‘Accessibility’;

  2. Choose ‘Touch > AssistiveTouch’ and set the slider for AssistiveTouch to on;

  3. Under Custom Tasks, tap ‘Single tap’;

  4. Choose the option ‘Home’, return to the home screen of your iPhone;

  5. Move the AssistiveTouch button with your finger and slide it to the bottom center of the screen.

assistive touch iphone

Now when you tap the button, you will always return to the home screen of your iPhone. The button remains visible in every app. It can sometimes happen that the button jumps due to an app, but then you can easily slide it back.

Delete button on iPhone

Tired of this virtual home button on your iPhone? Then you can easily remove it again. You do this by tapping on ‘Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch’ and turning off the slider there.

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