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The skin is also known as the mirror of the soul. If the soul is not doing well, it is said, this can also show up on the largest organ of the human being. We reveal here what is really good for the skin and therefore also for the soul in the cold season.

The skin, as the largest human organ, is also proverbially referred to as the mirror of the soul. Stress, unhealthy nutrition, too little sleep and lack of exercise get on our nerves – and at the same time cause skin problems. Conversely, balm for the soul also has a positive effect on the skin. It is not for nothing that someone “visibly feels comfortable in their own skin” when they are physically and mentally well.

Winter, with its short, often cloudy and cold days, is a challenge for skin and soul. The weather rarely invites you to stay outside and when we do, we try to keep the time outside as short as possible. All this puts a strain on our psyche, we are sad and depressed and our skin with us. Wind, cold and the dry air indoors damage the skin even more. But how do we best deal with it? What helps our well-being and cares for our skin so that we can radiate from within even in winter? We give tips.

Skin mirror of the soul Psyche
What is balm for the soul can have a positive effect on a wide variety of inflammatory skin diseases and sometimes even stop a flare-up at an early stage. (©: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash – Amanda Dalbjorn)

The skin as a mirror of the soul

Skin and psyche are closely connected. For example, we blush when we are excited, angry, or ashamed. If we are scared or emotionally touched, we get goosebumps. Too much stress can cause skin blemishes or aggravate skin diseases such as neurodermatitis. Conversely, visible skin diseases such as psoriasis or acne also have a negative effect on our psyche. We feel insecure when dealing with other people, have contact difficulties or fear the reactions of the other person, such as involuntarily flinching.

The connection between skin and soul has been scientifically proven. In humans, skin cells and neurons develop from the same germ layer, so they are linked for that reason alone. It has also been shown that certain inflammatory factors can simultaneously affect the skin, where they trigger flare-ups of psoriasis, and the brain, typically causing depressive episodes. Severe stress can even cause hives. In return, a balanced psyche makes us feel less itchy, for example. What is balm for the soul can therefore have a positive effect on a wide variety of inflammatory skin diseases and sometimes even stop a flare-up at an early stage.

skin and soul in winter
If you take care of your skin in winter, you can also do a lot for your well-being, which is also a balm for the soul. (©: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash – Redcharlie)

What skin and soul need in winter

The needs of skin and soul in winter are not all that different. Both need a balanced diet, plenty of fresh air and light, outdoor exercise, and adequate care and attention.

In fact, skin care in winter can also do a lot for your well-being and also acts as a balm for the soul. Anyone who cares for their skin, protects it from excessive UV radiation and provides it with all the necessary nutrients is doing something for themselves and their own health. Well-groomed, even skin is beautiful and other people perceive it as such. We may even get admiring looks and compliments that are good for our psyche, which in turn has a positive effect on the appearance of the skin.

However, there is one thing that is good for the psyche but only to a limited extent for the skin: the winter sun. In Germany, the UV radiation in the cold season is comparatively low, even when the sun is clear. Things are different in the mountains or when there is snow. In addition, the skin is used to less UV radiation in winter and is therefore more susceptible to damage. So if you want to escape to the snow and the mountains to recharge your soul with positive energy or if you are an enthusiastic winter sports enthusiast, you should use sunscreen with a high sun protection factor regardless of the season.

If, despite UV protection and good skin care, skin changes occur that stress the psyche, such as a rash, redness or itching, no one has to wait weeks for an appointment with a specialist. Tools like the online skin check allow for a quick assessment of the situation and can help to take a load off your mind, allowing for better healing of the damaged skin.

Skin care in winter
Psyche and skin are inextricably linked. Anyone who wants to do something for healthy and resistant skin is also well advised to use things that nourish the soul. (©: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash – Cheyenne Doig)

Balm for soul and skin: tips for skin care in winter

What tips can you take to heart so that your skin and soul get through the dark season healthy and strong at the same time? We have summarized some suggestions for you that make it clear that the psyche and the skin are inextricably linked. Anyone who wants to do something for healthy and resistant skin is also well advised to use things that nourish the soul.

The be-all and end-all is the right care

When it’s cold and windy, it’s better to avoid water-based moisturizers. The water it contains can freeze on the skin and further damage the already stressed organ. Better you use fat creams that form a protective layer on the skin. Making the application and subsequent massage of creams a ritual can also help our psyche. We do something for ourselves and our bodies and the gentle, even massage has something of a meditative effect. If you are unsure which skin care is right for your skin type in winter, contact your dermatologist or get professional advice.

Healthy diet vegetables fruit
According to a study in Australia, there is a link between diet and symptoms of depression. (©: CC0 Public Domain / Unsplash – Nick Fewings)

Nutrition – you are what you eat

Not only our body needs food, our psyche also benefits from a balanced, healthy diet. In the meantime, the connection between diet and symptoms of depression has even been examined in scientific studies, for example this one from Australia.

Movement makes you healthy

Sport, especially outdoors, reduces stress and releases endorphins. Even a long walk, during which we carefully try to concentrate on the colorful, living things around us, banishes the touch of melancholy that could develop into winter depression. At the same time, the metabolism is stimulated and the blood supply to the skin is improved.

Less stress is healthy

The animal world shows us how. As the days get shorter and temperatures drop, the animal kingdom becomes more leisurely. Some animals even go into hibernation. Of course, the latter is out of the question for us humans, but we should still make sure to reduce our stress level in winter. This is good for us mentally and also contributes to skin health. Especially with chronic diseases, less stress can lead to an improvement in symptoms.

Adequate sleep is the best medicine

Speaking of hibernation – healthy sleep has a positive effect on the psyche and skin. During sleep, the body’s “repair mechanism” works at full speed, fighting inflammation and stimulating new cell formation. One could almost say that the skin rejuvenates during sleep. However, restful sleep is also important for the soul and the subconscious, since in dreams difficult experiences as well as everyday things are often coped with and processed by the subconscious.

Healthy soul, healthy skin

Skin and soul are closely interwoven. The skin reflects the state of our soul, our emotions and our stress level. Balm for the soul in the form of wellness, stress reduction, a healthy diet, sufficient exercise or a walk outdoors can result in beautiful, healthy skin and have a positive impact on the course of chronic skin diseases. Conversely, we feel really good in well-groomed, supple skin – and that is also good for the soul.

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