Bankruptcy filing for Spyker lurking

The curtain threatens to fall definitively for Spyker. It has been rumbling around Victor Muller’s company for some time, but curator Willem Jan van Andel leaves the point RTL News know that he is giving the sports car builder from Zeewolde one more week’s delay. If payment obligations are not met by then, Spyker NV will go bust.

The trustees at Spyker have been walking down the door since 2014. Victor Muller managed to reverse the bankruptcy of Spyker NV at the end of that year thanks to a deal with his creditors. Spyker Events, a subsidiary company, was sacrificed for this. It is the creditors of that subsidiary who already believed in 2016 that they were entitled to an amount of € 2 million. That case is still ongoing. Last summer an agreement was reached between Spyker, the receiver and the creditors. Spyker NV promised to pay for part of Spyker Events’ debts. However, no payment has yet been made. Curator Van Andel is fed up with the endless promises of Victor Muller, he hints in a response to RTL News. If Spyker does not pay within a week, it files for bankruptcy.

Muller confirmed to the opposite RTL News that work is underway on a payment arrangement. According to him, there is good communication with the curator and the amount is only € 52,000. What will happen to the collaboration announced at the end of August between Spyker and entrepreneur Boris Rotenberg, is unknown. Spyker was not available by phone for comment. Techzle is still awaiting a response from Spyker to the recent developments.

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