Battle between Apple and Spotify continues – important update denied again

The battle between Apple and Spotify appears not to be over yet, as the company has rejected another important update to the music service. This is what’s going on.

Apple rejects update

Apple recently introduced new rules in the App Store, allowing music services such as Spotify to link to external websites. Previously this was prohibited, as a user you were obliged to take out your subscription via the App Store. This has now changed, because the European Commission has obliged Apple to relax the rules in the online store.

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In response to the new rules in the App Store, Spotify has adjusted the description in the app. The music service explains how you can take out a cheaper subscription via the website. Updates to apps in the App Store must be approved by Apple before they become available to users. Apple has already indicated that it will not approve Spotify’s update, because, according to Apple, the music service does not adhere to the rules.

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Spotify avoids commission

In the new version of the app, Spotify points users to cheaper subscriptions that you do not see in the App Store. According to Apple, this is indeed allowed, but Spotify must agree to the new rules in the App Store. In those lines, by Apple the Music Streaming Services Entitlement (EEA), it states that music services must pay a 27 percent commission to the company.

If a user takes out a subscription via Spotify’s website, the music service must pay 27 percent of that amount to Apple. Spotify tried to avoid this commission by not adding a direct link to the website to the app. According to Apple, this is not allowed, so Spotify’s update is rejected. Only when Spotify has agreed to the EEA will the update be reconsidered.

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Battle between Apple and Spotify continues

Apple does not plan to let Spotify add a link to the website in the app without charging a 27 percent commission. Referring to your own website without a link also appears to be prohibited. For the time being, we will not see Spotify’s new update in Apple’s App Store. This is not very surprising, as Spotify was one of the largest parties to complain about Apple’s unfair competitive position in the App Store.

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As a result of these complaints, Apple was forced to adjust the rules in the online store. The question remains whether Spotify will ultimately pay a 27 percent commission, because the music service does not now have to hand over money to Apple. There is a good chance that the European Commission will soon check whether Apple complies with the new European legislation. For the time being, the battle between Spotify and Apple continues, because both parties do not seem to want to give in.

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