Bentley announces two-seater convertible, the Mulliner Bacalar

Hand-built “grand tourer”

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar teaser

Bentley Mulliner Bacalar teaser

Bentley only comes with a two-seater model for the second time in 90 years. The Mulliner Bacalar will be presented later this week.

With a teaser, Bentley looks ahead to the unveiling of the Mulliner Bacalar. This luxury convertible is Bentlet touted as a grand tourer, which makes it immediately clear that the emphasis is on luxury and comfort and less on sportiness.

You can safely call the new model a two-seater special. For the last 90 years, Bentley has only released a two-seater once. Behind the front seats is a space that can be filled with a special bag set. The interior is partly covered with durable materials, but there will also be a lot of leather.

The design of the car was inspired by the concept car Exp 100 GT (Figure 3), which the brand presented last year in honor of its centenary. From the first teaser plates, we cannot at least ascertain how Bentley has transformed the study model into a production car.

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