Bentley Bentayga Mulliner completes offer

We start Friday with important news for the SUV buyer: the Bentley Bentayga is back with Mulliner finery.

Mulliner is the classic name Bentley uses to offer highly personalized options. Those who do not find what they are looking for in the normal range can turn to Mulliner for a truly ultimate car.

Since the extensive facelift of Bentley’s first and for the time being the only SUV, the Bentayga was no longer on the Mulliner Personal Commissioning Guide, but that is about to change. Under the Mulliner banner, Bentayga buyers can now choose from 27 additional leather colors and over 100 different lacquered options for interior finishes. Moreover, at Mulliner it is possible to combine three colors, where Bentley normally sticks to two. It is of course also possible to have your name, family crest or something else applied, for the ultimate personalized look.

Bentley Bentayga Mulliner

There is a choice of 26 additional colors for the exterior. That so many more have been found is special, because in the regular configurator, for example, nine shades of green and nineteen blue paint colors can already be found. For the interior, without the intervention of Mulliner, there is already a choice of five different variations on the always two-tone interior, with fourteen leather colors to choose from for each area.

With the addition of the Bentayga, the Mulliner offering extends again across the entire Bentley product portfolio.

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