Best smart thermostats of 2022

Best smart thermostats of 2022

In times when we pay ourselves blue in energy, a smart thermostat can mean a lot. A self-learning thermostat teaches your habits so that heating is only used when it is needed. This way you save on your energy bill. These are the best smart thermostats you can buy.

Save with smart thermostats

Today on your annual statement you pay a multiple for the heating of your house compared to a year ago, and that crisis can continue in the longer term. A smart thermostat can pay for itself, because you do not use unnecessary energy when you are not at home.

Your thermostat is always connected to your phone and you can control it remotely. Furthermore, he can put the heating on when you almost come home from work, and that is also called ‘geofencing’. Furthermore, the best smart thermostats are also self-learning, and they learn to adapt to your habits to heat even more energy efficiently. It is important that you choose the right thermostat for the type of heating for your type of heating and your budget. These are our favorite products.

More tips to save energy

Earlier you could discover various tips on AWSmart with which you can save energy. Start at these four tips and take a look at the energy meters from HomeWizard, which we recently tested. And did you know that the new Dutch energy supplier Tibber can help you save?

Of course, there are many more excellent choices for your smart thermostat. Which one do you have at home, or are you perhaps considering buying one of these three? Let us know in the comments.

Best smart thermostats of 2022
The Hama Heating Control WiFi comes standard with two radiator heads

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