Bizarre: this is how you combine two iPhones into one foldable iPhone

Are you secretly curious about what a foldable iPhone would look like and want to try it out? This is possible with the Try Galaxy web app from … Samsung. We’ll show you how!

Foldable iPhone

Samsung recently launched the fifth version of the Galaxy Fold, a smartphone that you can fold on the long side. Apple is not yet coming with a foldable iPhone, but with the Try Galaxy web app it is possible to experience the double screens of the Galaxy Fold 5 on your iPhone. Or, well, on your two iPhones.

Bizarre: this is how you combine two iPhones into one foldable iPhone

First of all, Try Galaxy gives you an idea of ​​what Samsung’s operating system looks like and how it works. Do you have two iPhones? Then it is also possible to experience what it looks like on two screens, as is the case with the Galaxy Fold 5.

galaxy fold 5

Get started with Try Galaxy

To get started on your iPhone, go to the website from Try Galaxy. Preferably do this directly in Safari. If you use a different browser, you will still receive a message that you must do this in Safari.

You will then receive instructions to share the website and add it to your home screen. Once you’ve done that, Try Galaxy will look like an app on your home screen, but it’s just a bookmark for a very comprehensive web app.


Turn your two iPhones into one foldable iPhone

If you open Try Galaxy, your operating system seems to change to that of Samsung. You can tap just about anywhere for more information, and you’ll get a really nice picture of the current Samsung version of Android.


But the best of all is of course the option Fold Experience, which simulates the Galaxy Fold 5’s two screens. So you need two iPhones for that. Tap “Fold Experience” and then tap “Yes, we have two iPhones” to get started. Choose which iPhone will represent which screen and enter the code shown on the other iPhone.

galaxy fold 5

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