‘BMW i5 accounts for around 30 percent of 5-series sales worldwide’

Much bigger in Europe

BMW i5 M60 xDrive

BMW expects the electric BMW i5 to account for approximately 30 percent of 5 Series sales worldwide. In Europe that share is obviously higher.

The new BMW 5 Series was unveiled in May. In addition to petrol versions, diesel versions and hybrids, there was also a fully electric version for the first time, called the BMW i5. The i5 looks almost the same on the outside as any other 5-series, but it does not have a petrol engine in the therefore quite empty and unused front.

The BMW i5 will account for about 30 percent of sales of this generation of the 5-series worldwide. At least that is what Automotive News Europe reports, based on an unspecified BMW spokesperson. This share concerns the entire life cycle of this edition of the ‘5’. Such a model usually lasts about seven to eight years, so we are talking about the period between now and roughly 2030. In the run-up to an eventual ban on the sale of cars with combustion engines, we expect a serious reduction in sales during that period. who sell. Although this is not said in so many words, it seems likely that the share of the i5 will be slightly larger at the end of this period than at the beginning.

In Europe, the share of the electric i5 is immediately much larger, the same report reports. For our part of the world, the aim is a ratio of approximately 50-50 between the i5 and the regular 5-series, which offers more different drive types than the i5. In addition to petrol and diesel versions, plug-in hybrids are also counted as a regular 5-series. There are also different versions of the i5: it is now available as a 40 and as an M60 and in addition to more versions, we also expect a Touring.

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