BMW M4 Coupé slides through the snow

The delivery range of the 3 series is increasing every day while the 4 series is still on a generation change. The new 4-series Coupé and Cabrio will of course be available again as M4 and it is the M4 Coupé that has been captured by our espionage photographer.

With the Concept 4, BMW showed a study model at the Frankfurt IAA last year that caused some controversy. The big ‘kidneys’ where the grille of the study model was built, could not count on approval from everyone. Bad news for those who are not fans of that new 4-series snout: it will really come. At the top of the range of the new 4-series is again the M4, a version with which BMW is now testing in the north of Sweden.

Although the 4-series is also expected to be available with a relatively modest 1.5-cylinder, it is the powerful M4 that will soon be able to count on the most warm feelings. We aim that the new M4 will again have a 3.0-liter six-in-line, a unit that will deliver around 480 hp in the base. It also appears that the M4 will be available with both rear and four-wheel drive. Naturally, car country may in the long term again charge extra strong CS and GTS flavors of the M4.

Although the new 4-series Coupé, just like the new 4-series Cabrio and 4-series Gran Coupé, will get a completely new carriage, it breaks less with its predecessor than its open-worked brother. While the current 4-series Cabrio has a steel folding roof, the new cabriolet will have a fabric cover. BMW will give the new series of 4-series a set of fairly flat, L-shaped rear light units, which the brand also sticks behind ‘coupé models’ such as the X4, X6, 2-series Gran Coupé and 8-series. Later this year we expect more information about the new 4-series Coupé and Cabrio.

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