BMW recalls R 1250 RT and K 1600, cartridge suspension may come loose

BMW Motorrad has issued a recall for the 2024 R 1250 RT and the K 1600 GT, GTL and B. The cartridge in the shock absorber of the ESA suspension of both the front and rear suspension does not meet specification, causing it to deteriorate over time. can become loose and the shock absorber no longer has a damping effect.

An error in a supplier’s production process has forced BMW Motorrad to issue a recall for the 2024 R 1250 RT and the K 1600 in the GT, GLT and B(agger) versions.

On September 14, 2023, BMW Motorrad was informed by the supplier that it had been discovered during internal quality control that the cartridge had become loose from the ESA shock absorber, and an investigation was immediately initiated.

At first the threads in the cartridge’s housing appeared to be out of specification, but further investigation revealed that it was the cartridge itself that had not been produced to specifications.

On December 7, 2023, the results of the research were presented to BMW Motorrad, which then checked in which engines the shock absorbers in question had been installed.

That investigation showed that two models were involved: the R 1250 RT that were produced between August 18 and September 15, 2023 and the K 1600 GT, GTL and B with production dates from September 5 to 15, 2023. At BMW dealers, the affected models will have their front and rear shock absorbers replaced.

– Thanks for information from Motorfreaks.

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