BMW X3 with diesel engine will become considerably more expensive

Prices up by up to €7,200


The BMW X3 is available with numerous powertrains and can handle quite a few fuel types, including diesel. In the market for a BMW X3 with diesel engine? From now on you will pay up to €7,200 more than before.

The BMW X3 is available as an electric iX3, but can of course also be ordered with an extensive mix of petrol and diesel engines. There are mild-hybrid petrol versions (xDrive20i, xDrive30i, M40i), a plug-in hybrid version with a petrol engine (xDrive30e) and a rock-solid X3 M without electrification assistance. Dieseling is possible with four mild-hybrid diesel engines. It is those diesels that are now becoming more expensive.

The least potent diesel that BMW supplies in the X3 is in the rear-wheel drive BMW X3 sDrive18d. That mild-hybrid machine produces 150 hp (+11 hp mild-hybrid) and 350 Nm. From now on it will cost you €71,962, €1,140 more than before. As you climb further on the diesel ladder, the new price increases increase. For example, the four-wheel drive X3 xDrive20d with 190 hp (+11 hp mild hybrid) and 500 Nm strong 2.0 four-cylinder now costs €81,174. That is €2,661 more than before.

Would you prefer a BMW X3 with a 3.0 six-cylinder diesel engine? No problem, they are there too. The mildest of these is the BMW xDrive30d and has 286 hp (+11 hp mild hybrid) and 650 Nm. It now costs €97,385, no less than €6,551 more than before. This makes this the diesel version with the relatively highest price increase (+7.3 percent). In absolute terms, M Performance diesel X3 M40d is the variant whose price increases by the largest amount. The BMW That is €7,206 more than before.

Prices BMW X3 – February 2024

Motor version Assets Drive From price
X3 xDrive20i 184 hp (+11 hp) – 300 Nm Front+back €77,113
X3 xDrive30i 245 hp (+11 hp) – 350 Nm Front+back €81,292
X3 xDrive30e (plug-in hybrid) 292 hp – 420 Nm Front+back €67,576
X3 M40i 360 hp (+11 hp) – 500 Nm Front+back €113,483
X3 M 480 hp – 620 Nm Front+back €160,265
X3 sDrive18d 150 hp (+11 hp) – 350 Nm Behind €71,962
X3 xDrive20d 190 hp (+11 hp) – 400 Nm Front+back €81,174
X3 xDrive30d 286 hp (+11 hp) – 650 Nm Front+back €97,385
X3 M40d 340 hp (+11 hp) – 700 Nm Front+back €122,286
iX3 (electric( 286 hp – 400 Nm Behind €71,465

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