BMW X8 in pictures

Since the spring we know that BMW is working on an X8. Since then it has remained with a patent application and some rumors, but today we also have pictures of the BMW X8!

When it comes to SUVs, there seem to be no limits anymore. Take BMW. We once thought an X5 was a real giant, but that model has grown with each generation and has recently casually joined the company of an X7. Even above that, there is apparently still room for a model, because the BMW X8 is really on the way.

The X8 is undeniably above the X7 (starting price: € 126,085) on the price list, but there is a side note. The X8 has to be a car with a different approach. Instead of space and ease of use, in which the seven-seater X7 is lord and master, the X8 should shine in terms of sportiness, driving dynamics and perhaps also appearance. A bit like the Audi Q8 compares to the Q7, but then just one step higher on the ladder.


It seems that the BMW X8 will become a real M product. Do not be surprised if M Performance and real M versions will soon be the only available variants. That is not to say that only a huge V8 disappears in the nose of the car, although it undoubtedly does. The photographed car has a clear ‘Hybrid’ sticker on the door, so the X8 cannot escape fairly extensive electrification. An obvious option seems to be the ‘far-M-en’ of the powertrain that can be found in the 545e and 745e, among others. The combination of a six-cylinder and an electric motor already delivers almost 400 horsepower in the well-known form, but there is undoubtedly a great deal on top.

Huge overhang

The appearance of the X8 is also a special thing. The car clearly has a somewhat less station wagon-like silhouette than the very square X7, but at the same time it is not a larger version of the X6. The roofline slopes slightly, but still ends in a fairly vertical butt. What is special is how far that butt extends behind the rear axle. The enormous rear overhang also results in a remarkably elongated rear side window, although it is still largely taped off on the photographed car.

The nose gets a grille that can certainly compete with that of the X7. The outlines of this are already visible on the photos of the car, although the nose is still quite camouflaged. For example, there seems to be little meaningful to say about the design of the headlights. It is striking that the bonnet tapers, so that at the height of the front facade it is ‘only’ as wide as the grille. The front screens seem to stick out at a lower level. It therefore seems that we are not yet finished with the controversial fronts of BMW.

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