Boredom? Try these activities – and save electricity at the same time

Boredom save electricity
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You can also save electricity in your free time. Here’s what you can do instead of video gaming and streaming to avoid boredom.

The work is done, the household is done, the free time is waiting. Many people like to spend this time literally “powered up” with video games and streaming. In Germany alone there are said to be over 34 million people who play computer and video games at least occasionally. And 42 percent of those over the age of 14 regularly use streaming services.

However, these leisure activities go hand in hand with an enormous demand for electricity. Video streaming, for example, consumes around 80 percent of the electricity consumed on the Internet. In view of the current shortage of gas, it makes sense to save electricity in order to lower your own costs and to generally reduce the need for natural gas for climate protection reasons.

But how do you get rid of boredom when you no longer want to keep the latest series running in a loop or gamble for hours? Fortunately, there are many analog leisure activities that you can also use to save electricity.

Unpack the (analogue) games

Playing cards allows you to save electricity and spend time with friends.
Playing cards allows you to save electricity and spend time with friends.
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You don’t necessarily need a controller or PC to play: You can also spend hours playing board and card games. In addition, analog games bring people together around a table, creating an opportunity to spend time with friends in a more conscious way.

With so many board and card games to choose from, you’re sure to find some that are just as fun as video games. If you can learn something along the way, games are a fulfilling activity that will quickly banish boredom. You can find recommended games here: Card and board games that make sense: 7 games on the environment and sustainability.

Time for DIY projects

Knitting is a relaxing and non-electric activity.
Knitting is a relaxing and non-electric activity.
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Boredom can give rise to creative impulses. If we don’t let videos and games keep playing, your head is free for new ideas and you have enough time to implement them. Let your creativity run free, learn a new handicraft technique or try your hand at the following projects, for example:

  • Make bobble yourself: A DIY project for beginners
  • Macrame bracelet: DIY instructions
  • Painting stones: ideas and the right colors
  • Knitting a scarf: Free instructions for knitting beginners
  • Make gift bags: simply beautiful upcycling ideas
  • Handicrafts with children: 5 creative ideas for at home

Explore nature

Explore nature on a forest walk.
Explore nature on a forest walk.
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When was the last time you were consciously in nature – and completely “unplugged”, i.e. without headphones on your ears and smartphone in your hand? Spending time in nature is not only worthwhile because you don’t use any electricity, but also because it can be relaxing and enriching to explore the forest, fields and meadows mindfully. Spend time in nature all year round – for example with the following activities:

  • Don’t miss: 6 wild herbs to collect in spring
  • You can now collect these summer wild plants
  • 4 edible wild plants to collect in the fall
  • Collecting tree beads: idea for a trip to the forest with children
  • Forest bathing: Shinrin Yoku, the Japanese natural therapy

Tip: You can integrate treasures collected from nature into your DIY projects. For example, you can press and dry colorful leaves and then use them to make greeting cards.

Get moving

Jumping rope is fun and gets you going.
Jumping rope is fun and gets you going.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / Hans)

More and more Germans sit too much. According to a recent study in Germany, 57.2 percent of men and 50.2 percent of women spent more than four and a half hours sitting down every day. So you can save electricity and do something for your health at the same time if you escape boredom with sports. Of course, you don’t have to be a competitive athlete to be physically active. There are suitable sports and leisure activities for everyone to get you moving:

  • Yoga: Sun Salutation – sequence and effect
  • Nordic Walking: effects, techniques and tips
  • Jogging for beginners: get started with these tips
  • Jumping rope: These exercises not only help with weight loss
  • Pilates: exercises, principles and goals
  • Speed ​​hiking: This is how turbo hiking works

Get the house in shape

Use the time without streaming and video games to create order.
Use the time without streaming and video games to create order.
(Photo: CC0 / Pixabay / congerdesign)

It’s tempting to just play episode after episode on streaming services and just let the time pass. However, “searching” for series is rarely really satisfying – other than getting productive and seeing with your own eyes what you have managed to do in a few hours. For the next phase of boredom, make it a point to do household chores that you don’t want to do, but that will reward you with satisfaction if you do them:

  • Mucking out: This is how you get rid of unnecessary ballast
  • Tidying up the basement: The best tips for more order
  • Tidying up the closet: This is the best way to proceed
  • Tidy up the room: With these tips you can quickly create order
  • Cleaning upholstered furniture: this is how it works
  • Kintsugi: repairing ceramics the Japanese way
  • Organizing the fridge: This is how you use the space optimally


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