Buick also pulls last sedan from US order lists

Buick has stopped production of the Regal. You may think “fascinating”. But that Buick Regal has surprisingly many similarities with a car that drives around happily with us. In addition, the disappearance of the Regal means that Buick is hanging on the willows of its last remaining sedan.

The Buick Regal is little more or less than ‘our’ Opel Insignia. The Opel Insignia now under PSA’s wing? Yes, but also the Insignia that was developed by GM just before the big PSA takeover. In North America, the Buick Regal is offered as a sedan (although, actually, a five-door hatchback) and TourX station. However, according to GM Authority’s, Buick has now stopped US production. Not a very big surprise, because Buick already announced that the days of the model were numbered. With the disappearance of the Regal, no sedan remains in the Buick stable. Earlier, the Encore and LaCrosse had to leave the field. What remains is an impressive row of SUVs.

Buick is not the only brand choosing to drop sedans from its range. According to Ford Authority, Ford has more or less simultaneously ended the production of the Ford Fusion, which is known to us as Mondeo. The Americans would have done that on July 31. The only ‘low’ car in Ford North America’s stable is now the Mustang. For the rest, the range only includes crossovers and SUVs, such as the Ecosport, Escape and new Bronco line. You can buy a Mustang in the US for $ 26,670. In the Netherlands, prices start at € 62,375.

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