‘Business lease car is largely going out’

The business lease car as we know it will largely disappear. That is what the Association of Business Drivers expects. The reason is easy to guess: the other work situation because of the corona crisis.

Working from home is now the norm and it is expected that this will largely remain the case after the corona crisis. This obviously has an effect on the number of business kilometers and the need for a lease car. The Association of Business Drivers therefore expects many companies to change their current view of business lease cars. Jan van Delft, chairman of VZR, states this in conversation with the AD: “We are already hearing from our members at smaller companies that the lease cars are going to be removed and that pool cars are being used. Also at larger companies, this is discussed with the works councils.”

The expectation is that people will not only continue to work at home, but that companies will also look more at new forms of business transport, if it is nevertheless necessary to go from A to B for business purposes. Bovag expects new ‘mobility products’, for example with a combination of public transport, cars and bicycles. Spokesperson Tom Huyskens will leave that AD know. Van Delft (VZR) argues that the government should also consider this and come up with a plan to support business transport if the lease car falls out of favor. A ‘mobility budget’, for example, with which someone can choose how the transport is designed. “Then a Dutch person becomes smart; one time he will rent a car, then travel by public transport again or decide to work from home.”

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