BYD Yuan Up: new electric crossover now official

Guaranteed success?

BYD Yuan UpBYD Yuan UpBYD Yuan UpBYD Yuan UpBYD Yuan Up

BYD Yuan Up

We can finally show you the BYD Yuan Up in its entirety, inside and out. This is an electric crossover with which BYD can win over many European EV customers. Purely hypothetical, for now. Nothing is officially known yet about the Yuan Up coming to Europe.

AutoWeek has covered the electric BYD Yuan Upal several times. We were able to show you the car for the first time in December last year on semi-official pictures and at the beginning of this year we presented you with the first shadowy images released by BYD itself. We follow the Yuan Up news closely, but we don’t do that just like that. The BYD Yuan Up is certainly an interesting one in terms of positioning. BYD – which is rapidly expanding its European model range – parks the Yuan Up one step below the Atto 3 in its model hierarchy. The Atto 3 – which is also for sale in Europe – is 4.45 meters long, while the Yuan Up is quite a bit smaller with a length of 4.31 meters. These dimensions make the Yuan Up more of a competitor than the Atto 3 for electric crossovers in what we call the B-segment. Consider the successful Peugeot e-2008. If BYD manages to bring the Yuan Up to the European market with a different name (Atto 2?) and a friendly price tag, the Yuan Up could simply rewrite the previous success story of the MG ZS EV, but with itself in the leading role.

BYD Yuan Up

BYD Yuan Up: relatively simple inside.

The BYD Yuan Up can now be seen from all angles. Not only inside, but also outside. Despite its rounded lines, the Chinese has a relatively angular basic shape. The design style is completely in line with the models of the Dynasty family, which includes the Han and Tang, available in the Netherlands. The Seal and Dolphin are in turn members of the Ocean series. The Atto 3, called Yuan Plus in China, is also part of the Ocean model family in China and so this smaller Yuan Up could well be called Atto 2. At least if he comes to Europe, of course, because BYD is not saying anything about that yet.

The Yuan Up has a less voluptuous and visually simpler interior than the Atto 3. The dashboard is mainly practical in design and, in addition to a digital instrument cluster and a large and undoubtedly rotatable infotainment screen, contains few or no controls. The number of buttons on the steering wheel and the way in which the center tunnel is filled in are striking. The center tunnel is connected to the center console by two ‘handles’. We see an induction charger and a crystal-like decoration on the control lever with which you choose the direction of travel.

The BYD Yuan Up weighs 1,430 to 1,520 kilos and has a 95 hp or 177 hp electric motor. In China, the Yuan Up will be launched with a 32 kWh battery pack and 45 kWh of electric lung capacity. The BYD Atto 3 is available in the Netherlands from €38,990. If the smaller Atto 2 manages to undercut this by several thousand euros, BYD will have a nice answer to the Peugeot e-2008. With its starting price of €39,420, it is more in line with the Atto 3.

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