Byton is working on hatchback with sliding doors

The Chinese Byton, which is also based in the Netherlands, is developing a new model. This is evident from these patent drawings. Now the question is whether it is a study model or not.

Byton is a name that will not ring a bell with everyone, but you may already know it from the M-Byte. This is an electrically powered SUV that the Chinese brand has also been offering on the Dutch market since the beginning of this year. A fairly sleek car with an immense screen in the dashboard and a range of 360 to 460 km depending on the chosen version. Anyone who has become enthusiastic about this may also be from the patent drawings that we have now surfaced. On it we see an as yet unknown Byton model that appears to be a more compact alternative to the M-Byte.

Byton M-Byte

Byton M-Byte

The patent drawings were registered last week and show a car that is completely shrouded in mystery. We see the design language known from the M-Byte, spread over a somewhat more compact body. The M-Byte is a medium-sized SUV, which looks more like a hatchback in the same market segment. A striking feature that Byton clearly shows in the drawings is the fact that you can access the two rear seats on both sides via a sliding door. Apparently there are two spacious seats in the back.

Although the whole doesn’t even look very remarkable, there is a good chance that it is still a concept car. Byton first comes with a production version of the K-Byte, a sedan that we got to see in concept form in 2018. After that, this hatchback will probably be next. The K-Byte will appear next year, who knows, we might also see this new model in 2021.

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