Canadian electric SUV also to the Netherlands in 2024

SharX-5 via direct sales to the Dutch EV driver

AXL SharX-5AXL SharX-5AXL SharX-5AXL SharX-5AXL SharX-5AXL SharX-5AXL SharX-5

AXL SharX-5

The Dutch car market will not only be a few Chinese brands richer next year, but also a Canadian one. At least, if it is up to the Canadian start-up AXL Electric Vehicle.

At the end of May, AutoWeek wrote about the SharX-5 from Canada-based AXL Electric Vehicle. The electric SUV was then officially unveiled and AXL Electric Vehicle immediately revealed a laundry list of countries where it wants to deliver its electric SUV with a range of 500 kilometers. The Netherlands was not among them, but guess what? AXL Electric Vehicle does have plans to come to the Netherlands.

AXL Electric Vehicle confirms to AutoWeek that it aims to deliver the SharX-5 in the Netherlands by the end of 2024. Which dealer network is in the picture for this? Not a single one. AXL Electric Vehicle reports that it wants to sell the SharX-5 in the Netherlands without the intervention of dealers and therefore based on the Tesla model. So direct sales.

AXL Sharx-5

The SharX-5 within.

The SharX-5 should be a ‘premium SUV’ with a relatively modest price. The technical specifications are at least modest for an electric firstborn of a start-up. For example, the AXL SharX-5 has a 209-hp electric motor that allows the car to reach 100 km / h from standstill in 7.4 seconds. The LFP battery has a capacity of 67 kWh and should be good for a range of up to 500 kilometers. The basic international starting price of the EV has been set at €37,300.

Whether that will all work out remains to be seen. AXL Electric Vehicle wouldn’t be the first ambitious start-up to fade into a vague memory shortly after it introduced itself to the world.


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