Cargo ship with 4,000 cars on board sunk

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Freighter Felicity Ace, carrying 4,000 cars belonging to the Volkswagen Group, has sunk. That reports Bloomberg based on information from the shipping company. The ship should have been salvaged. The value of the lost cargo is estimated at €392 million.

A fire broke out aboard the Felicity Ace on February 16. The crew was able to be evacuated, but the ship, en route from Emden to Davisville in the United States, then drifted adrift and on fire in the Atlantic Ocean. Rescue workers eventually managed to put out the fire and an operation was launched to salvage the ship. However, the latter did not go as planned. This morning the ship, which was drifting near the Azores, sank through the rough sea. According to the shipping company, the high waves caused the ship to lean 45 degrees to the starboard side, after which it sank.

The shipping company, Mitsui OSK Lines, calls the sinking ‘a surprise’. According to the spokesperson, it appears that there is no oil pollution in the ocean, although he does note that it is currently ‘investigating’. The ship had, among other things, 1,900 Audis, 1,100 Porsches, 500 Volkswagens, 189 Bentleys and 85 Lamborghinis in its cargo space. With the sinking of the ship, all cars on board were permanently lost, although it was predicted that not much of the cargo was left due to the fire.

According to Volkswagen, the damage is covered by the insurance, but the manufacturer will have to make up for lost production. Lamborghini previously indicated that the Aventador may therefore remain in production longer.

In the photo you don’t see the Felicity Ace, but another freighter for illustration.

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