Casio Edifice watches: inspired by sports cars

A chronograph with pizzazz

Casio not long ago introduced the ECB S100 line. A sleek quartet of watches that you can connect to your smartphone. These watches possess a winning combination of digital and analog. The S100 line consists of four watches, each with subtle differences. This article discusses what makes these watches so special and why they deserve a place in your collection.

ECB-S100D-1AF on the wrist
▴ ECB-S100D-1AF on the wrist

ECB-S100D-2AEF in the car
▴ ECB-S100D-2AEF in the car

ECB-S100DC-2AEF on the wrist
▴ ECB-S100DC-2AEF on the wrist

Inspired by sports cars

The grille is the basis of the ECB-S100 design. A grille often looks very nice on sports cars, but it also has a function, namely to guide air to the engine to prevent overheating. The shape of the grille is clearly reflected on the dial. The dial construction in which the metal braiding and the X-shaped metal part come together gives the watch a mechanical look. The dial is illuminated by a high-brightness LED. Extra fun during nighttime cruising when you have little lighting in your car.

With this, Casio makes a statement that these watches, just like competitive cars, have speed and efficiency. The watches are the result of a great deal of craftsmanship and modern technology. If flashy sports cars make your heart beat faster, then the ECB-S100 line is perfectly tailored to you. Racing cars don’t make you hot or cold? Then we dare to bet that you will still be warmed by the new Casio Edifice watches.

You can choose from four watches with the same functions and materials. The dial is (almost) the same and the case has sapphire glass. Yet they are not all identical. For example, the ECB-S100HG-1AEF is the flagship because of a unique phenomenon that can be observed when a titanium exhaust becomes hot, which is reflected in the dial. It shifts from blue to red and gives the watch a unique look. This model will be back in stock soon. Click here to add it to your wish list.

Tough Solar dial
▴ Tough Solar dial

Heat gradation like on a titanium exhaust
▴ Heat gradation like on a titanium exhaust

Made possible by the sun

What makes these watches so popular is the state of the art solar technology. For example, the solar reception area in the dial is 45% smaller than the predecessor of the ECB S100, the ECB-900. This provides more space for the design of the dial, while nothing has been lost in stability and strength.

Also useful: you can even charge the watch in weaker light sources, such as fluorescent lamps. This way you will never run out of energy, even if you use the intensive functions that we will discuss in more detail later in this article.

The ECB-S100 watches use solar power
▴ The ECB-S100 watches use solar power

Casio Edifice ECB-S100: rich in features

No shortage of functions. Whether you’re a casual watch wearer or a discerning enthusiast of ticking gadgets, Casio has taken both quantity and quality into account. Some of the core elements that make the watches so impressive are punctuality and efficiency. Below we explain a few functions:

Smartphone Link

The ECB-S100 watches are not smartwatches, but you can connect them to your smartphone for extra functionality. In combination with the Edifice app, you can lift the watch to a higher plateau. This way the watch is automatically adjusted to the correct time.

If you sometimes have a lot of things on your mind, it is not surprising if you sometimes lose something, such as a bunch of keys or your smartphone. With the Phone Finder function you can make your smartphone ring to make it easier to find. Please note: for this to work, your device must be within Bluetooth range of the watch. Handy if you do not have a second telephone nearby or if your mobile is on silent.

Using the app, switching between time zones becomes a piece of cake. In total you can choose from no fewer than 300 cities. So if you’re going on a trip or are curious about what time it is in Mumbai, you don’t have to fuss with the crown.

Every athlete knows how crucial timing is; especially if you want to measure your progress. You can send up to 200 lap times to your smartphone that are accurate to the millisecond. This way you always have your progress at hand.

Countdown indicator

Alarms and stopwatches on a chronograph watch are not rare. What makes the stopwatch function on the ECB-S100 series so cool are the extensive indicators and you guessed it… The connection with your smartphone. You can easily set alarms and timers via the Edifice app. On the dial there is also an indicator at the 9 o’clock position that counts down to the next alarm and shows the remaining time of the active timer.

These features were developed using feedback from racing teams who rely on minute-to-minute race week schedules where every millisecond can make a difference.

ECB-S100D-1AEF on the wrist
▴ ECB-S100D-1AEF on the wrist

ECB-S100DC-2AEF on the wrist
▴ ECB-S100DC-2AEF on the wrist

More fast and sleek watches from Casio Edifice

Do you like speed and streamlined designs, but would you prefer a watch without a smartphone connection? That is of course possible, because in the Casio Edifice collection you will find more watches with beautiful designs and efficient movements. Take a look and who knows, you might soon have a super-fast Casio Edifice watch in your collection.

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