Changan Uni-T is an interesting Chinese newcomer

Chinese company Changan has released more information and new footage of the Uni-T, a crossover with more than just a striking appearance.

Chinese state-owned Changan Automobile announced earlier this year that it would take the Uni-T to the Geneva Motor Show. Changan is now releasing new information and new images of its new SUV-like vehicle, which with its length and width of 4.52 and 1.87 meters is comparable in size to cars such as the Ford Kuga and Mazda CX-5.

It is the first time Changan has shown footage of the interior of the Uni-T. The long-legged, which has a wheelbase of 2.71 meters, has a relatively quiet interior. The workplace consists of a steering wheel that is flattened at the bottom, where Changan places two displays with a diameter of 10.25 inches each behind. The left one functions as a set of instruments while the right one, which appears to be connected to the left one, is linked to the infotainment system. Nice gimmick: the brightness of the screen increases when the software and hardware pick up eye-tracking that you look at the screen. If you look at one of the displays for too long, you will receive a warning. The cockpit also consists of a high center tunnel with a strikingly designed part on which the control buttons of the transmission are placed.

The Changan Uni-T will be available with a 180 hp and 300 Nm strong 1.5, a turbocharged engine that is coupled to a seven-speed dual clutch automatic transmission. A blown 2.0 will follow later. Perhaps more interesting is the autonomous technology with which the Uni-T is equipped. Thanks to smart software and the necessary cameras and sensors (five radars, twelve ultrasonic sensors and six cameras), the Uni-T can independently find its way through traffic at level 3. Changang says he has been developing autonomous techniques since 2016. In addition, the Chinese company states that it has traveled more than 50 million kilometers electrically.

Changan, which exports its cars to 41 countries in total, announced in 2017 that it also wanted to set foot on European shore. In total, the company wants to sell 15 percent of its models outside its own borders. The fact that this Uni-T will make its world debut in Geneva may just indicate that the model will also be sold in Europe. The Uni-T is the first, and certainly not the last, newcomer to a model family whose model name starts with ‘Uni-‘ followed by a letter.

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