“Charge deficit threatens to grow considerably”

The demand for electric cars received a huge boost last year, but a substantial EV increase is also expected in the coming years. The number of charging stations would, however, increase at a too slow pace and a rapidly growing shortage threatens. This is the opinion of the director of leasing company ALD Automotive.

Due to the declining tax benefit, there was a huge run on electric cars at the end of last year. The Tesla Model 3 in particular could not be dragged on. Suddenly the EV share of the Dutch fleet grew considerably. This growth will continue in the coming years. In particular, the broader range of relatively cheap and small electric cars will play a major role in this, Jeroen Kruisweg expects from ALD Automotive.

In conversation with De Telegraaf, he expresses concern about the simultaneous growth of the country’s charging network. According to him, that is not fast enough: “With the current level of sales of electric cars, 120 charging points must be installed per day. That is now only around 23 per day.” Kruisweg expects that the ‘charging point stress’ that is already popping up will become a bigger problem. The availability of a charging station may leave something to be desired in the coming years. The Netherlands now has more than 50,000 charging points. We recently heard that at least 20,000 piles will be built in the Randstad and nearby.

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