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Who doesn’t yet know ChatGPT? This generative artificial intelligence has made headlines around the world more than once, and its use is now becoming more and more widespread. Capable of answering questions, generating or analyzing code, and even monitoring, this tool has proven its effectiveness with many trades. And what about bloggers’ use of ChatGPT? There is no shortage of examples of use, as we will see in this article.

Content creation is on the rise, and bloggers are not left out. Their activity consists of writing articles on a blog, an online space that allows them to express themselves about their passion or their field of expertise. It is possible to create this type of website in all kinds of fields, whether professionally or amateurly: travel, gaming, books, fashion, beauty, cooking and many others.

If artificial intelligence is not there to replace the point of view and thinking of a human, it can nevertheless provide valuable assistance in creating content. The tool has in fact been designed to boost productivity and save precious minutes in a busy schedule. Here are 5 examples of using ChatGPT adapted to the blogging activity.


1. Find article ideas

Blogs are created and maintained by a wide variety of people. It may be a passionate individual or a professional who wishes to share their expertise and attract prospects. In all cases, the blog is an opportunity to build an engaged community and share a lot of good advice, information or experiences.

In order to retain Internet users, it is necessary to approach a subject from all angles without boring your audience. ChatGPT can be used to brainstorm and find inspiration. The tool can suggest article ideas on all sorts of topics. It can even allow you to broaden your horizons and find a new angle, likely to interest a wider audience. Try for example the following prompt:

I have a blog dedicated to road trips around the world. My audience is made up of nature lovers, young adults looking for adventure and couples looking for ideas for their honeymoon. Find 10 ideas for articles I could write.

ChatGPT Blog Road-Trip © © OpenAI

Prompt ChatGPT to find article ideas © Clubic

2. Generate plans

Every blogger knows that developing a precise plan is essential before starting to write an article. Working well on your plan allows you to organize your ideas, to visualize your text in advance, but also to detect weaknesses in your argument. This also helps ensure that different parts of the text are balanced and similar in length.

Writing an outline is an essential step in creating coherent, easy-to-read articles that your readers will enjoy. It is also a writing aid that helps you avoid going off-topic. ChatGPT can design detailed plans in seconds. But be careful, this is not about stupidly copying what the tool offers. Several iterations will often be necessary to avoid overly classic plans. Try for example the following prompt:

I want to write an article about eco-responsible road trips. The latter talks in particular about the importance of protecting the environment and the essential destinations to enjoy nature and minimize your carbon footprint. Write me a plan made up of three H2 headings with, for each part, 2 to 4 H3 subheadings.

ChatGPT Map Article Road-Trip © © OpenAI

Prompt ChatGPT to write a plan © Clubic

3. Create headlines, introductions and calls-to-action

While it is possible to ask ChatGPT to write full blog posts, this practice is far from recommended. Indeed, even if this robot is excellent at producing text, the latter is, in the long run, a little repetitive and can lack originality. A human eye is essential to unearth inconsistencies and other dated information that ChatGPT can insert into its texts (let’s not forget that the tool uses data dating from 2021). You will have to verify each information, at the risk of losing your credibility with your audience.

ChatGPT can, however, be used as an assistant, and it is possible to ask it for help to create a catchy title. We can also go further and ask them to optimize said title for SEO. Try for example the following prompt:

I’m writing a blog post on the theme of road trips for nature lovers. My text is based on the keyword “eco-responsible road trips”. Find 5 ideas for catchy titles using this keyword or a derivative. Each title must be less than 60 characters long.

ChatGPT Title Road-Trip © © OpenAI

Prompt ChatGPT to write a title © Clubic

Likewise, you can ask ChatGPT to write an impactful introduction:

ChatGPT Intro Road-Trip © © OpenAI

Prompt ChatGPT to write an intro © Clubic

Do not hesitate to use the tool to find call-to-action ideas (calls to action, in good French) to insert at the end of the text:

ChatGPT Road-Trip CTA © © OpenAI

Prompt ChatGPT to write a teaser © Clubic

Finally, you can use ChatGPT to write optimized meta descriptions and many other short passages.

4. Correct, rephrase and format text

If it is possible to use ChatGPT beforehand to create a text and find all kinds of ideas, you can also use this service once you have finished writing your blog article. The tool actually has a rather powerful spelling correction functionality. Be careful, however, as ChatGPT can go too far and rephrase entire passages. To avoid this, specify in your prompt that you should not rework the text:

ChatGPT Spelling © © OpenAI

Prompt ChatGPT to correct spelling © Clubic

You can also rephrase sentences by telling the AI ​​the tone you want to use:

ChatGPT Reformulation © © OpenAI

Prompt ChatGPT to rephrase a sentence © Clubic

Is your article finished? If you need to put your text in HTML format, please note that this is just a formality for ChatGPT. Try for example the following prompt:

Put this text in HTML format using H1 H2 H3 and p tags:

Eco-responsible Road Trips: Exploring Nature while Preserving the Environment

Are you ready to discover adventures on the road that will not only amaze your nature-loving soul, but also respect our planet? In this article, we’ll explore sustainable road trips that will allow you to immerse yourself in natural beauty while minimizing your carbon footprint.

The Importance of Eco-Responsible Road Trips

Why choose an eco-responsible road trip?

ChatGPT HMTL © © OpenAI

Prompt ChatGPT to put text in HTML format © Clubic

5. Promote your articles on social networks

Social networks are essential for distributing blog articles. They not only allow you to gain visibility, but also to attract a qualified audience. It’s also a great opportunity to build links with other bloggers and encourage interactions, collaborations, etc. To find ideas for posts on social networks, here is a prompt idea that you absolutely must try:

I have a blog dedicated to road trips around the world. Find me 5 post ideas to promote my article “Eco-Responsible Road Trips: Exploring Nature while Preserving the Environment” on Instagram. I want to attract an audience made up of nature lovers aged between 40 and 65.

ChatGPT Instagram © © OpenAI

Prompt ChatGPT to find ideas for Instagram posts © Clubic

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