Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has electric cars before Apple

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Chinese smartphone manufacturer Xiaomi has electric cars before Apple

There have been rumors for almost ten years that Apple is launching an electric car, but in 2024 an EV with the Apple logo still does not exist. A Chinese smartphone manufacturer is ahead of the American tech colossus. This is Xiaomi’s first electric car.

The development, production and marketing of (electric) cars is no longer the preserve of companies that mainly profile themselves as car manufacturers. Although there was first talk about the arrival of an electric car from Apple about ten years ago, it has still not materialized. The Chinese telecom colossus Huawei has founded AITO together with the Chinese Seres car brand, Sony wants to make electric cars together with Honda and the Chinese Xiaomi, which you probably know mainly from smartphones in the Netherlands, is also very interested in the car market. In fact, it even has an electric car ready. This is the Xiaomi SU7.

Xiaomi SU7

Xiaomi SU7 Max: the most potent of the bunch.

AutoWeek has surfaced the first images and the first information of the Xiaomi SU7 from the database of the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. So we can not only show you the car, but also tell you something about it. The Xiaomi SU7 is 5 meters long at 3 millimeters, 1.96 wide and 1.46 meters low. This makes it comparable in size to the Porsche Taycan, although the SU7 is just a few centimeters narrower and higher.

Xiaomi has roped in SU7 none other than the existing Chinese car manufacturer BAIC. It will be available on the Chinese market as a basic version simply called SU7 and as a more powerful SU7 Max. The first weighs 1,980 kilos and has a 299 hp electric motor on the rear axle. The Xiaomi SU7 Max weighs 2,205 kilos, but is a lot stronger with its two electric motors. There is a 299 hp powerful unit on the front axle, and an electric motor on the rear axle that delivers 374 hp. This top version should be able to reach a speed of 265 km/h. The battery pack of the top version comes from CATL.

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