Chinese Tesla Model 3 delayed by coronavirus

Tesla closes its Chinese factory due to the corona virus. The production of the Model 3 is therefore delayed.

The number of planned deliveries of the Model 3 made in China has been reduced. This is because – you guessed it – the corona virus outbreak. A member of the manufacturer’s management said that on Wednesday. It has not been announced how much delay Tesla incurs.

Production at the Shanghai plant is currently completely silent. According to Tesla’s board member, production will be resumed on February 10 in five days. Due to the closure of the factory, it was only able to produce Model 3s for a short time. Only since the beginning of this year have new cars been rolling off the production line. It is Tesla’s first factory outside the United States. The Elon Musk company wants to be able to carry out all parts of the production process in China in 2020.

Tesla is not the only manufacturer affected by the virus. It was announced yesterday that Hyundai is shutting down its South Korean factories because Chinese parts cannot be supplied for the production of new cars.

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