Citroën Ami 8 (1975) – Into the Wild

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Citroën Ami 8 (1975) – Into the Wild

The Citroën Ami has already passed in some forms in this section, but not yet as an Ami 8 (fastback). Time to change that, with this nice copy from 1975!

When you think of the Citroën Ami, it probably differs per person how you envision it. Younger car enthusiasts may think of the new city EV of that name, although most will still simply recall the primal Ami. It was available in different forms. That’s how it started with the Ami 6 with a very special inward running rear window as a Berline. There was also a Break of the Ami 6. The Ami 8 succeeded the Ami 6 at the end of the 1960s and especially the sedan got a completely different appearance. At the end of 2021 we saw the Ami 8 Break, now it’s the turn of the said sedan, which is officially more of a fastback-like.

This red rascal spotted by AutoWeek forum member Johan82 comes from the same year as his previously treated Break brother and also looks neat. Amis are enthusiast cars pure sang, so you will not easily find a neglected copy. Driving an Ami requires a strong degree of hobby, because new an Ami was already somewhat archaic and now completely. It goes, as befits a Citroën from that time, comfortably. The suspension is formidable. The 602 cc boxer engine just doesn’t exactly throw a punch at it. But hey, nowadays it’s not about that anymore when you drive a classic Ami.

The Citroën Ami is and remains a wonderful example of the great contrast in the Citroën showroom of the 1960s and 1970s. On one side was the still impressive DS (later the CX), then the even more special SM for a while next to and also the quite modern GS, while on the other hand you found the 2CV and the Ami as models for the ‘more common man’. And what about the extravagant Méhari? The Ami, as you can see with this copy, even had a recess in its nose for a crank start, although you could also just start with a key. Especially in 1975, the year it came off the line, the simple and aging Ami was above all a car that you bought because of the cost. That was quite a difference compared to big brother GS and you had more car for relatively not too much money than the 2CV. In any case, we are happy that someone ever bought this copy and we are sure that the owners have clearly given the classic love afterwards. What a nice appearance bon voyage!


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