Citroën no longer afraid of ‘Dacia label’

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Citroen C3 Aircross

At Citroën they no longer seem to be afraid of the ‘Dacia competitor’ label. That does not mean that this is also the position the brand wants to take, but the comparison with the Romanian brand is no longer taboo.

Automotive News Europe reports this based on statements by Citroën CEO Thierry Koskas. We mainly adopt the news because last year we noted from Koskas that the brand would rather not be seen as a direct Dacia competitor. The reason for this thought was the unveiling of the Citroën ë-C3, a budget EV that could make things very difficult for the Dacia Spring. Koskas told AutoWeek at the time that an individual model like the C3 can certainly compete with Dacias, but that Citroën is in a completely different direction with larger models. Citroën will therefore not be a real budget brand and is not for Stellantis what Dacia is for Renault, he then swore to us.

Even now, Koskas does not want to go that far, but he is less afraid of the label of ‘Dacia competitor’. According to Automotive News, the big Citroën boss even literally says that Citroën is no longer afraid of being seen as a competitor of Dacia. That does not prevent Citroën from going its own way. Budget plays a major role for the brand, but Citroën’s cars must also be quirky and daring.

With the upcoming new models, including the seven-seater C3 Aircross (hello Jogger!), Citroën’s market share in Europe should grow to 5 percent. Citroën currently has 3.3 percent of the European car market.

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